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HCLTech AWS Migration Capabilities

HCLTech’s 21CE Framework helps establish, adopt and manage the complex and Hybrid IT environment, combining aspects of people, process and technology to deliver to enterprises solutions which are geared to overcome future challenges. HCLTech is a formidable cloud service partner for global organizations with coherent thinking and strategy in place. HCLTech approach is centered on building and providing competency based services such as Cloud Assessment, Implementation & Migration to Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds and Cloud Operations services. HCLTech has added public cloud solutions to its existing portfolio of cloud services including MCOD-AWS, SAPoD, MyCloud™, DryICE™, MyXalytics™, Cloud Inception, SDI Innovation Garage, RecoverNXT, BackupNxt, ElasticOps etc. These solutions will enable development of new workloads besides migrating existing ones with monitoring and management of cloud environments.

A cloud transformation strategy at HCLTech would involve multiple phases wherein HCLTech helps customers through each phase of the journey. HCLTech expertise in building & executing cloud strategy, through its cloud consulting services HCLTech, would help in crystallizing broad cloud objectives into real execution roadmaps, based on individual, department-specific, or enterprise-wide requirements, and a guided assessment of the current state. It would also help identify what the right cloud strategy and end state is, ROI to be expected, best possible roadmap, selection of cloud providers and preparing for an application landscape change.

HCLTech-AWS Partnership

HCLTech Cloud Assessment

HCLTech Cloud Assessment - The comprehensive assessment phase is further sub divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Planning phase which includes identifying key stakeholders and required number of resources, allocation of budget and risk analysis. The end objective of this sub-phase is the creation of a high-level project plan.

Phase 2: Discovery phase where we capture inter-dependencies and interfaces between applications within a business unit, applications across business units, and inter-dependencies/mapping between applications and the underlying infrastructure as part of this activity.

Phase 3: Assessment phase where HCLTech’s team of architects and consultants focus on qualitative assessment by profiling of each of the business applications is done through a quick application analysis by capturing critical information about existing IT infrastructure, processes, policies, business usage and expectation. We also leverage questionnaires to assess the existing IT architecture. Based on this assessment, HCLTech identifies people, process and technological gaps in the existing IT functions & controls, same will be documented and reported at the end of this phase. As part of this activity, we also build a business case matrix of benefit and readiness of the target cloud platform.

Phase 4: In-depth assessment using our in-house developed DPrizm™ tool. DPrizm™ is HCLTech’s proven and standardized assessment tool that enables CRI™ framework and is used as advisor and decision assistant and measures the cloud fitment of applications and gaps if any for codification journey. DPrizm™ tool brings machine-learning to data gathering, analysis, and planning of migration of large number of applications. DPrizm™ complements several commercial tools. It integrates the information from multiple sources, analyses and creates a plan. The deliverable at the end of this phase would be a comprehensive assessment report that would list out the go/no-go candidates and the treatment plans for both.

HCLTech Cloud Assessment Tool – DPRIZM –

HCLTech Dprizm is a comprehensive assessment tool for cloud and application modernization. Its services include cloud readiness assessment, migration roadmap, target platform discernation, and creating business case. Various functionalities of DPRIZMa are mentioned as below –

  • Pre-Assessment – Go / No Go Analysis of Applications
  • AS-IS Portfolio Overview- Overall summary of the ‘AS-IS’ portfolio of the customer
  • AS-IS Portfolio Assessment - AS-IS views of the current customer’s portfolio.
  • CRI / MRI Score Card - Cloud Readiness/ Modernization index for each application for migration to cloud or to a new infrastructure.
  • IaaS / PaaS Score Card & Comparison - a comparative score analysis for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) (CRI) for each application.
  • CRI / MRI Parameter(s) Heatmap - individual score for each parameter for each application for Cloud Readiness / Modernization index
  • CRI or AMRI vs. Risk - a risk to value (CRI/ AMRI) heat map for the complete portfolio and highlights immediate/ low risk opportunities
  • Treatment Recommendations - highlight the treatment recommendation for the entire portfolio.
  • Detailed CRI/ AMRI Summary Report - the overall assessment summary of the portfolio. i.e. CRI Score card, Treatment etc.
  • Public/ Private Analysis - highlights the recommendation for public and private cloud for the entire portfolio.
  • Wave Planning & Business Case – provides with inputs to create a strong business case for the clients.

HCLTech Cloud Migration Factory - For a migration framework, HCLTech has its Cloud Factory Model which is a robust structure which aligns business and IT stakeholders around a target set of process metrics that will be favourably impacted by the transformation to a highly automated and industrialized cloud operating model. Such a measurement framework is an essential means of communicating the value proposition for multi-cloud/multi region platform migration factory.