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Pioneering the new era of data-driven transformation, HCLTech and Databricks join forces to elevate enterprise capabilities. By harmonizing HCLTech's comprehensive tech services and Databricks' unified data analytics platform, our alliance transcends traditional boundaries to propel the digital journey. This strategic convergence empowers organizations with innovative AI and ML solutions, delivering intelligent insights pivotal for strategic decision-making and growth. Together, we enable businesses to harness the full power of data, delivering advanced analytics solutions that drive operational efficiency and strategic growth. Experience a unique blend of innovation and expertise, designed for the visionary leaders steering tomorrow's tech landscape.

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Our Capabilities

Strategy and Advisory

Leveraging Databricks, HCLTech provides strategic guidance, helping businesses align data strategies with their digital transformation goals.

Data Modernization

HCLTech and Databricks collaborate to facilitate seamless data migration and modernization, transforming legacy systems into agile, cloud-ready platforms.

Scale AI

HCLTech leverages Databricks' AI capabilities to assist businesses in scaling AI/ML implementations and utilizing generative AI for enhanced insights.

Data Engineering and Governance

HCLTech and Databricks work together to implement robust data engineering solutions and governance models, ensuring accessible, compliant, and trustworthy data.


Proven customer success and specialized, demonstrated technical proficiency with SAP workloads.

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Focused consulting, continuous integration, continuous delivery, monitoring, logging, performance management and infrastructure as code services.

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HCLTech helps Unitywater enhance their digital transformation journey


Katherine Gee

Executive manager,
Customer and Community at Unitywater

“HCLTech has been a valuable partner, providing a tested accelerator to quickly process data. The strong relationship with HCLTech is built on trust, open communication, and adaptability to feedback.”


Tools and Accelarators

HCLTech ADvantage Migrate

A comprehensive solution for data modernization, ADvantage Migrate streamlines your journey, enabling you to leverage data for optimal business results

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Data pipelines, fast and easy with HCLTech Sketch

Accelerating data availability, accessibility and handling

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Ensuring data accuracy, integrity and completeness with Gatekeeper

Streamlining data testing with the automated solution for accurate results

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Maintaining peak performance of your systems with iSee

Identifying and resolving IT infrastructure issues with speed and precision

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