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HCLTech and Denodo Partnership


HCLTech and Denodo have built a strong partnership that empowers companies to embark on profound digital transformations. The goal is clear: enhance agility, refine cross-channel customer responsiveness, and reduce time-to-market. With a dedicated team of Data Virtualization professionals, HCLTech and Denodo help enterprises design the data abstraction layer that enables business users to operate without interruption. HCLTech, a distinguished Silver System Integrator & Reseller for Denodo, is at the forefront of this transformational journey. The HCLTech Denodo Center of Excellence (CoE) has a deep expertise in technical infrastructure, knowledge of the latest Denodo platform, and skill to digitize the application landscape.


Our Capabilities

Working together, HCLTech and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so that they can engage in successful digital transformations to gain all of the expected benefits.



Data virtualization​ strategy


Data integration​


Consumption-based data preparation​


Enables self-service BI

Our Solutions

Logical Data Fabric (LDF) framework

Built to set-up a data fabric foundation layer by integrating data across multiple cloud environments and speed data delivery.

Databots for automated metadata reporting

Automation, leveraging active metadata and Al, to make it significantly easier to develop, operate, and use such a system.

Data marketplace solutions

Industry-based solutions developed for financial services, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing, public services, media & entertainment, and retail. Includes data model, synthetic data generation, data virtualization, and governed self-service data catalog.