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The Digital Path Forward

Redefining Integration with MuleSoft

As a premium partner of MuleSoft for over nine years, we have been at the forefront of driving digital transformation for businesses across the globe.

With our extensive experience and deep understanding of MuleSoft's integration and API management capabilities, we help businesses navigate complex integration landscape problems. We believe that true innovation lies in seamless connectivity. By leveraging MuleSoft's industry-leading Anypoint Platform, we enable organizations to break down data silos, connect disparate systems and streamline their digital ecosystems.

Together with MuleSoft, we are redefining integration possibilities and paving the way for a truly connected digital landscape.

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Our Capabilities

Committed to Continuous Innovation

Our comprehensive integration capabilities empower organizations to drive digital transformation and enable seamless, scalable integration across ecosystems. With a focus on platform principles, API-led integration, agile iPaaS delivery and integration at scale, we empower organizations to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Integration strategy

Propelling organizations forward, orchestrating digital roadmaps, empowering platforms and maximizing program effectiveness


Platform principles revitalization

Catalyzing transformation by assessing current architecture, envisioning target states and driving platform principles


API-led integration

Unlocking business potential by connecting systems, enabling dynamic collaborations and fueling agile growth


Agile iPaaS delivery

Empowering organizations with agile iPaaS solutions, seamless hybrid cloud integration and accelerated migration


Integration at scale

Helping businesses establish Center of Enablement (C4E)/Center of Excellence (COE), drive seamless integration across ecosystems and accelerate legacy transformation

Our Solutions

A Full Suite of MuleSoft Accelerators and Services

The HCLTech ADvantage MuleSoft suite offers a comprehensive range of MuleSoft accelerators, including code automation, managed integration services, a reusable utility library and a next-generation reporting solution. With these accelerators, enterprises can kickstart their MuleSoft implementation journey on the right path, ensuring improved efficiency, enhanced productivity and optimized performance at every milestone along the way.

HCLTech ADvantage Code for MuleSoft

HCLTech's framework to generate Mule project code, unit test code, and CI/CD pipelines using only API specifications

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iPaaMS Service

Governance, management, development and support of an integration platform as a single service offering to the customer

HCLTech Real-Time Operations and Analytics Reporting (ROAR)

An advanced reporting tool for tracking transactions, providing insights based on logs from various applications and integrations

MuleSoft Utilities Library

Efficient Mule implementation with reusable utilities like error handling, response pagination and common logging in a user-friendly library

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Thoughts and News

Related Capabilities

Customer Experience

Reshape CX by leveraging the best of intelligent processes and next-generation technologies.

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Data and Analytics

Our data and analytics capabilities enable you to increase business operation efficiency, support better customer experiences and drive disruptive business outcomes.

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Our dynamic SaaS solutions will catapult your operations to new heights by optimizing and modernizing your key business processes.

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