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Migrate+ Conversion to SAP S/4HANA

Existing ECC systems rely on legacy technology, with code customized for the old SAP infrastructure. New ECC investments won’t drive long-term ROI, and costs for maintaining legacy technology will only rise.

The good news is conversion to SAP S/4HANA with our SAP-qualified Migrate+ brings agility, scalability, access to SAP innovations, and the competitive advantage from implementing a new intelligent ERP at a significantly lower cost and risk than implementing a new system.

Migrate+ Automated Tools

Deliver Fast Migrations with our SAP-qualified Partner Packaged Solution

Migrate+ is supported by a toolset developed in-house and optimized for intelligent automation that delivers faster migrations, even for systems with a high level of bespoke development. Our proprietary custom code disposition and benchmarking tools advise which code to retire, retain, simplify, or convert into cloud extensions, reducing custom code adaptation effort by up to 55%.

Discover Migrate+

Get the Benefits of Digital ERP with Minimal Business Change

Whether your existing ECC system is heavily customized or you want to keep your core system design as-is, a conversion —using Migrate+ for SAP S/4HANA — can be done at low risk and without significant capital investment or disruptive business change.

Unlike other industrialized conversion models, Migrate+ combines automation with skilled conversion specialists and can be supplemented with additional services, so your conversions delivers outcomes that are better aligned to your digital roadmap.


Retain existing data and assets


Protect your ECC investments


Drive a clean digital core and lower your total cost of ownership


Manage business change and deliver business benefits


Leverage new technologies


Gain actionable business insights and reporting with powerful analytical capabilities

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