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Deliver transformation that improves process efficiency, increases business agility and creates a platform for continuous innovation and growth, powered by the latest SAP applications and cloud technologies.

Starting with our Elevate SAP vision-to-value framework, we’ll guide your transformation journey, develop a detailed business case, make processes intelligent and ensure adoption with an organizational change management methodology designed for .

Delivering Business Transformation Consulting Services

Data-Driven Business Transformation Through SAP BPI

Staying relevant in rapidly changing market conditions can be extremely challenging for businesses. The extraordinary change of pace, combined with lack of awareness around new business processes, poses several challenges such as capitalizing on new opportunities faster than competitors, delaying improvements because of unidentified risks, lack of business agility due to complex and unfamiliar compliance systems, lack of adherence to company policies and procedures.

In response to these challenges, customers in every industry are embracing process mining as a tool for transformation in areas such as improving business processes, auditing and compliance, identifying candidates for process automation, digital transformation and IT operations.

Delivering Business Transformation Consulting Services

Deliver End-to-end SAP Transformation Focused on Business Value

Our approach to SAP-enabled transformation focuses on business outcomes — so you are better able to deliver on your strategy, transform operations and provide better customer experiences, all while maximizing the value of new SAP technologies.

Business transformation framework

Business transformation framework

Align your SAP implementation to your business strategy and target operating model. Our strong program and design governance ensure you get a business-ready solution.

Elevate SAP Vision-to-value framework

Elevate SAP vision-to-value framework

Deliver on your core value drivers. Our transformation roadmaps include high-level process design, data strategy, SAP target architecture, integration strategy and implementation plans, all underpinned by a detailed business case using our Value Sentinel benefits management framework.

Intelligent process design

Intelligent process design

Our intelligent process engineering framework delivers differentiated, integrated and automated processes. We use the latest process mining tools like SAP Signavio and calibrate your processes using FENIX2.0 — so you know when to adopt best practices vs. when to innovate and differentiate.

OCM and organization agility

OCM and organization agility

Ensure that your business is prepared, ready and trained to use new processes and SAP applications. We deliver sustainable business change with an organization agility methodology that covers strategy, impact assessment, communications and end user training. Our ProjectXM platform powered by Qualtrics constantly measures the pulse of the project and business teams.

Service Offerings

Realize data-driven business transformation with HCLTech’s SAP Signavio BPI offerings

SAP’s Business Process Intelligence (BPI) solution supports optimizing your process performance. HCLTech’s SAP Signavio BPI for data-driven business transformation offering will helps start your BPI journey.

We have created four implementation packages mapped to familiar business challenges. RISE with SAP customers already have the starter licenses for some of these implementation packages.

We can mix and match these packages to address your specific business challenges.

  • A quick analysis of your SAP systems to identify pain points and SAP recommended resolutions
  • See how your processes compare with industry peers
  • Assessment of your organization’s process maturity
  • Pick an area of core concern and dig deeper with process mining (SAP or Non-SAP)
  • See actual business process, troubleshoot bottlenecks, identify loopholes, unearth invisible steps, map conformance
  • Set up process modelling repository and dictionary
  • Develop process models
  • Simulate process flows to define the optimal resources
  • Compare as-is processes with industry best practices to find improvement areas
  • Set-up continuous process evaluation and BPI dashboard for company-on-a-page view
  • Identify problems as they develop and resolve them proactively

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