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HCLTech has a strategic partnership with Software AG, is a leader in integration, IoT, analytics, process software, and services. As a GSI Premier partner to Software AG, our collaboration amplifies the momentum of digital transformation for businesses, as we synergize our joint expertise to deliver a potent system of differentiation and digital enterprise messaging to our global customers. Our combined efforts from prominent analysts for our robust Integration & BPM capabilities have resulted in filing of over 15 patents in areas spanning Event technology and process risk models, underscoring our commitment to cutting-edge innovation.

Furthermore, HCLTech offers expert advisory and execution services in Process Consulting, SOA, BPM, and Event processing, further solidifying the partnership's value proposition. This collaboration signifies a pivotal step towards democratizing data, seamlessly connecting applications, devices, and clouds, and making data accessible and shareable throughout organizations whenever and wherever it's required.


Our Solutions

Digital Supply Chain

The solution enables real-time tracking and monitoring of trucks using IoT devices and sensors. It processes truck-related events along with external data to offer timely alerts. All events are securely stored for future reference, accessible to both internal and external stakeholders. Key features include real-time event tracking, comprehensive dashboards, and seamless data integrity.

Predictive Maintenance

The solution offers proactive insights to enhance efficiency and mitigate failure risks by utilizing Software AG's integration platforms. The solution provides the customers insight, diagnose, and prescribes actions for operational and safety issues. It captures data from various devices for thorough analysis, leveraging a seamless alert notification across mobile apps.