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Expert Support for Broadcom Software

Get the support you need when you need it from Enterprise Studio, freeing you to focus on business-critical activities. Our talented and experienced support team will work with you to listen and quickly resolve issues with a short-track route of assistance in mind.

Global support can assist you no matter where your resources or systems are.

Expert Support for Broadcom Software

Global Coverage from Services and Support Engineers

Protect your enterprise with comprehensive and flexible support options. Receive rapid response from our support engineers and success managers who have years of experience and deep expertise in Broadcom Software products

24 x 7 coverage for Severity 1 issues

Connect with experts who have at least five years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Broadcom Software solutions

Faster response with integrated ticketing systems

Use the ticketing system you are used to and keep access to support from Enterprise Studio’s global team of product experts. Broadcom Software and Enterprise Studio ticketing systems are fully integrated and seamless

Premium support services enhance standard coverage

Protect and unlock solution value with premium support services that go beyond standard product maintenance and support


Expand Protection with Premium Support Options

Enhance standard maintenance and support with premium or extended support for select Broadcom Software products

Enterprise Support Plus

Access higher levels of personalized technical support, lifecycle planning and solution optimization. Select products are eligible for Enterprise Support Plus

Extended Support from Enterprise Studio

Continue support when your product reaches End-of-Service (EOS) or End-of-Life (EOL) in the software cycle. An extended support period gives you flexibility to prepare for an upgrade to the latest release, transition to new software or when requirements limit change to your environment. Available for L0/L1 supported Broadcom Software products

Support resources

Access information about getting started and using Enterprise Studio support services by requesting the Enterprise Studio support user guide and client onboarding guide

Support case management

Technical support has complete visibility of your cases through the support portal. Severity 1 cases receive 24 x 7 x 365 telephone support. Log cases of any severity into the support portal at any time, with 24x 7 access to the support portal
Report Severity 1 incidents

Case studies

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Talk our experts

Talk to our experts

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