Network Operational Services: Network Management, Network System

Transform Your Network with Managed Network Operations Services

Thanks to our expertise in network management for more than 30 years, we understand the size, scale, and complexity of modern network ecosystems across industries.

HCLTech’s industry-leading are based on four core dimensions: Business-aligned operations, user experience, automation first and outcome driven.

Our NetOps 2.0 centric-approach, coupled with AI/ML constructs at the backend, helps deliver business-aligned services for an outcome-driven network operations that align to the changing business dynamics of today.

Ensure seamless networks to empower your business

Service Portfolio

Experience unparalleled efficiency through proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and AI-enabled automation with our . From seamless cloud connectivity to efficient campus networking and streamlined data center transformations, we ensure future-ready networks.


Future-ready transport and cloud-agnostic WAN and SD-WAN framework

Multicloud networking

Managed services to address native and multicloud networking environments

Campus networks

Encompasses LAN, WLAN and SD access addressing campus and branch network transformation

SDN and DC network transformation

An SDN framework covering end-to-end data center network transformation

Wireless services

Traditional Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6/6E, Private 5G, WLAN and more

Automation and orchestration

AI-enabled runbook automation for enterprise networks

We’ve got you covered
We’ve got you covered1

We’ve got you covered

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