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A successful Next-gen enterprise has its foundations in concrete futuristic vision and robust network synchronicity. At HCLTech, we deploy real time analytics and insights to help enterprises align network systems with business strategy, thereby improving service experience. Our industry-leading Infrastructure Management Services has the experience, talent, and tools to create, run, and manage a redefined IT infrastructure. As part of our Next-gen enterprise data center offering, we provide best-of-breed products for transitioning to next-generation IT services. HCLTech’s solution suite comprises of data center networks, wide area networks, and network automation. Our network management resources are certified across a wide range of technology offerings and have successfully executed network planning and rollouts for high-end clients. Through integrated use automation, centralized delivery, and continuous customer experience management, we ensure best availability, speed, and quality. HCLTech’s managed networks services are governed by stringent service levels, including end-to-end network management, network connectivity, proactive monitoring, and round the clock support. We manage both network operations and service lifecycle for Telcos, OEMs, and Fortune 500 companies. Our range of solutions encompasses designing, provisioning, configuration, problem and quality management, and assurance and optimization services. Since 2012, we have been part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for COPS. Gartner has testified to the quality of our solutions, thus, “HCLTech should be considered as a managed service provider for all areas of network and communications systems”.

We have an exemplary track record in executing large-scale complex IT requirements across core IT infrastructure towers. Additionally, our extensive investments in IP and industry-leading innovations stand us in good stead to be the ideal partner for networks management.

Our MNS service portfolio includes –

  • SD DC LAN management
  • Hybrid WAN Management
  • Remote WAN, LAN, and WLAN management
  • Remote IP/VoIP
  • Managed IPT/VoIP
  • UCaaS
  • Audio-Video Conferencing
  • UCC monitoring & Analytics
  • Voice and video
  • Contact center
  • Wi-Fi

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