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With the increased acceptance of niche cloud providers, rapid automation, and commoditization of ITO (information technology outsourcing) service towers, IT outsourcing buyers continue to deal with an increasing number of service providers but witness several challenges. Managing a vendor landscape where suppliers follow their own processes, while also ensuring that they are aligned toward the business objectives, is gradually becoming difficult. IT service management has now evolved to a “broker” role.

Increasing complexity drives IT service management outsourcing buyers to re-evaluate their service integration and management strategy. HCLTech facilitates the assessment of the right SIAM service integration and management model. Our two-fold approach toward IT service integration helps enterprises overcome the challenges associated with integrating and aggregating the supplier ecosystem. The HCLTech SIAM model ensures conducive conditions for collaboration by aligning the ecosystem with customer demands. The SIAM solution drives strategic innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem, while maintaining competitive tension.Additionally, the HCLTech SIAM gold blueprint provides an aggregation solution, a service management platform, and an industrialized “service bus”. Together, they enable a strong process framework for integration of disparate IT providers, driving greater visibility into operational performance for improved decision-making. This, in turn, ensures better accountability, trust, transparency, and effective performance management in the ecosystem while establishing a collaborative ethos.

With the shift towards Gen 3.0, the adoption of HCLTech’s Service Integration and Management framework will deliver efficiency, hybrid cloud model adaptation, and a greater supplier management synergy.

Our Solutions

HCL SIAM ServiceNow Gold BluePrint

HCLTech SIAM ServiceNow Gold BluePrint

The HCLTech SIAM ServiceNow Gold BluePrint is the process ecosystem of HCLTech best practice processes; designed, used and maintained for SIAM services and managing a multi supplier environment pre-implemented on the ServiceNow platform with best practices pre-configured. The solution includes a detailed document set to implement SIAM; including project plans, process documents, measurement methodology, governance forums, OLA templates, training material, etc. All artefacts required to operate, manage and integrate with other providers are also pre-defined.

HCL ServiceXchange

HCLTech ServiceXchange

ServiceXchange, offered as a SaaS solution, acts as the system for orchestration between the ‘service consumer’ and the ‘service supply chain entities’. ServiceXchange provides

  • Catalog Aggregation: Single system of engagement by aggregation of multiple service catalogs of different suppliers
  • Service Orchestration & Publishing: Orchestration of multiple service offerings from different service providers utilizing Shopping Cart functionality of ServiceXchange for IT as well as non-IT services.
  • Order Fulfilment and Routing: Automatically routes orders to suppliers’ fulfilment systems and communicates back to consumers when orders are fulfilled.


HCLTech XSM or “XaaS Service Management” enables a modern, consumption-driven engagement model and goes beyond the traditional IT service management. It is offered as SaaS solution and connects the various consumers (business users, IT practitioners, or end customers) with goods and services that they need to drive productivity and innovation. It fosters service consumption and automated fulfilment, knowledge sharing, self-service support, and collaboration between communities of interest to improve the overall engagement experience with IT, while supporting the traditional ITSM processes and models.

HCL Service Integration Bus

HCLTech Service Integration Bus

The HCLTech Service Integration bus handles the integration of on-premise and cloud service management solutions like ServiceNow. The solution provides real-time bidirectional integration with a variety of data sources via a message broker service leveraging the standard HCLTech GBP model for data that is exchanged between service providers and their customers.


SIAM Operations

Improved processes and supply chain management via HCLTech’s service integration and management (SIAM) operations services.

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SIAM Assessment

End-to-end supplier ecosystem evaluation and SIAM model adoption via HCLTech’s robust SIAM assessment framework.

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SIAM Consulting and Implementation

Address complexities in supplier ecosystem with service integration and management (SIAM) consulting and implementation services.

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