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In the past few decades, organizations mainly focused on improving their business processes and reducing costs to differentiate themselves and increase their margins. However, the current competitive digital era requires them to not only reduce costs through various measures but also drive revenue generating business initiatives to outpace the competition. Pay-per-use models give them the flexibility of driving or even experimenting with their initiatives while at the same time allowing them to focus on reducing their TAT and control costs. It is now increasingly becoming important for CIO’s to bring in ‘line procurement‘ strategy and move from CAPEX to OPEX models to enable differentiation not only via technology but also through the use of innovative and flexible payment models.

In Next-Gen Enterprises, the concept of ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ model is making fundamental changes in the way an organization manage its IT Infrastructure. Public Cloud is the most popular and widely adopted ‘as-a-service’ model. However, it may not fulfill all the requirements of control, cost-effectiveness, privacy and regulations every time and hence requires an equivalent in the on-premise model too for organizations to effectively balance their hybrid cloud strategy.

There is hence a need for a ‘utility based on-premise’ IT Infrastructure model, which can provide control, security and compliance benefits of both: an on-premise set up as well as the economics of public cloud models. Through a combination of both, organizations are now looking to leverage the best of available technologies: ‘Public cloud’ and ‘On-premise infrastructure’ to transform their business digitally. HCLTech understood this fundamental need and hence built its ‘Utility for Everything (U4X)’ offering, which is an infrastructure pay-per-use service that delivers on-premise IT with public cloud-like experience.

Key benefits of ‘Utility for Everything’ (U4X) adoption:

  • Pay-per-use on-premise IT (everything-as-a-service)- Eliminating huge capital investments, capital lock-in, and financial risks.
  • Reducing/eliminating the traditional outflows on annual maintenance contract (AMC) and warranties.
  • Better TAT for new business initiatives implementation by the elimination of long procurement cycles
  • Flexibility to scale up & ramp down as per business requirements
  • Benefits of the latest technology advancements
  • Reduce TCO by shifting from a CAPEX to OPEX model
  • Ease of contract termination and customizable options
  • Choose and customize workload-based resources
  • Enables next-gen data centers equipped to deliver true hybrid cloud experience

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