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Empowering connectivity beyond boundaries

Our holistic telecom customer life cycle management approach creates a one-stop solution for our clients. From demand generation, order management and fulfilment, complete omni-channel sales, customer support, product support, analytics, retention and collection services to increased sales efficacy.

Empowering connectivity beyond boundaries

Comprehensive telecom solutions for seamless connectivity

HCLTech utilizes the capabilities of its telecom innovation labs, digital process delivery systems and engineering services to offer customers a solution that is scalable, standardized, and futuristic.

Lead to order

Design and deliver effective multi-channel outbound sales campaigns as well as inbound sales conversions, for effective lead generation.

Order management

End-to-end order management and fulfillment for enhancing customer satisfaction.

Collections and recoveries

Technologies and analytics-driven end-to-end collection management, including both early and late-stage recoveries.

Customer experience management

Technology platform based on end-to-end customer support services.

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Trouble to resolve

Troubleshooting, remote and triage support for consumers, enterprises and product offerings.

Ready for the Telecom Revolution?
Ready for the Telecom Revolution?1

Ready for the Telecom Revolution?

Enhance your connectivity, elevate your business.