Reimagining enterprise collaboration with HCL Rendezvous

Empowering Future Workplace Through Digital Operations

HCLTech Rendezvous helps manage a multi-vendor collaboration infrastructure that includes chat, voice, and video among others. Whether it’s on-premises, or on the cloud, or hybrid, our vendor agonistic solution changes the paradigm of operations with the help of three key modules—discover, monitor, and automate.

A new-age technology that transforms traditional operations to digital with ease for an enhanced user experience. It automatically identifies a gap and raises a ticket with actionable insights for a faster solution to fix the issue. This solution fixes real-time issues, delivering an exceptional end-user experience, enhancing employee productivity, and improving business efficiency.

HCLTech Rendezvous offers improved managed workplace services and helps you embrace an enterprise journey to enable a world-class communication, user experience, and collaboration infrastructure


360-Degree Insights

Get complete visibility on your infrastructure footprints and adoption including, types of services, usage patterns, and end-of-life/support

Intelligent Monitoring

Proactive, real-time, and seamless end-to-end monitoring of services to identify gaps and diagnose issues using artificial intelligence

Improved Productivity

Maintain operational efficiency without increasing cost with the help of self-healing and assisted healing capabilities

Synthetic Monitoring

Diagnose problems with the help of synthetic agents before it hits the production environment using AI and ML

Vendor & Architecture Agnostic

A single dashboard to identify and solve business-critical issues involving multiple vendors and technologies irrespective of deployment types

Cognitive Automation

Automate repetitive tasks such as MACDs, service requests, and migration jobs using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP)