Finished High School? Now What?
You Finished High School. Now What?

Get an Early Career Advantage

TechBee is a pathway for high school students interested in a career in the technology sector. Selected candidates undergo three months of Foundation Skilling. After successful completion, learners take HCLTech’s Career Aptitude test, which is the entry point to TechBee. The program provides opportunities to pursue full-time jobs with HCLTech upon completing a part-time paid internship.

Get an Early Career Advantage

Why be a TechBee?

A Lifetime of Learning

TechBee is just the start of your tech learning adventure. Your next step could be an HCLTech-supported university degree.

Great Job Prospects

There’s a worldwide shortage of people with technology skills. Complete our TechBee Program and you’ll have plenty of job opportunities to choose from.

Celebrate Diversity

With our presence in many countries and our large global workforce representing numerous nationalities, we celebrate diversity every day.

Be Part of Our Global Family

We know we’re better together. We encourage our people to collaborate, take smart risks, experiment, and lead their ideas to execution in an inclusive and innovative environment.

What Happens When You Join the Program?

If you are offered a place in the program, the first three months are about building your foundation skills. Modules include IT Essentials, Business Ethics and Business Communications.

The next nine months start with a Career Aptitude test and, if successful, you are offered a part-time paid internship that involves on-the-job learning and stream-specific training. During your internship you will gain practical work experience, often in a client environment.

Upon successful completion of the TechBee program, you move into a full-time entry level role at HCLTech Australia, and if you’d like to pursue higher education, we can financially support you to do this on a part-time basis.

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Tech Bee

Michael Horton

Executive Vice President and Country Manager
of Australia and New Zealand at HCLTech


Michael Horton

Vaishnavi Sundar

Program Manager of TechBee Australia and New Zealand at HCLTech


Vaishnavi Sundar
Program Highlights

Explore Your Path

Upon successful completion of the TechBee program, you move into a full-time entry level role. We also offer financial support for pursuing higher education on a part-time basis.

Explore Your Path


  • Three months of free online skilling
  • Virtual instructor-led classes and self-paced sessions
  • Modules include IT Essentials, Business Ethics and Business Communications
  • Receive the HCLTech badge after successfully completing phase 1



  • Nine-month internship including stream-specific training
  • Part-time paid internship
  • Job-ready

Upon successful completion of both foundation skilling and an internship, you are offered full time employment with HCLTech New Zealand.


  • Completed NCEA Level 2 assessment at ‘Achieved’ level or higher
  • Completed secondary school in the last three years
  • New Zealand citizen or permanent resident


Selection Process

Selection into the TechBee Program is based on merit. We select candidates on multiple parameters comprising academic track record, online test scores and learnability skills.

Ready to Apply?

Meet Our People

At HCLTech, we want all our people to find their spark. When one has an idea, all ears are ready to hear it. When one has a project, the whole team is ready to drive it forward. Every voice matters at HCLTech.

Christina Mora
Christina Mora
Christina Mora : quote

I joined the TechBee program of HCLTech because I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to learn something new and progress in my career whilst also becoming financially independent. For a person with no background in IT, the courses were easy to progress over and the trainers also helped us understand the concepts we had trouble with.

Christina Mora HCLTech New Zealand
Christian Mora
Christian Mora
Christian Mora quote

I think school leavers should join the TechBee program of HCLTech because it's a good opportunity for them to develop professional skills, industry standard skills and gain experience which in turn will help them build a good foundation for building their career.

Christian Mora HCLTech New Zealand
Kunal Puri quote

I had a lot of fun learning the professional and technical part of the TechBee program of HCLTech. In the professional part, they teach you how to transition from school/university into work life and in the technical part, I got introduced to coding. I think the school leavers should join this because it gives a really good insight into the tech world.

Kunal Puri HCLTech New Zealand