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The automotive engineering industry is all set to undertake its next tech-driven journey to meet the demands of the growing millennial consumer base. Digitalization, advanced automation, and the emergence of disruptive technologies have changed the status quo of the automotive engineering sector. Success will be determined by the ability of organizations to accelerate innovation, intensify collaboration, and identify cost improvement avenues across areas such as mobility, autonomous driving, fleet management, electrification, and connectivity.

Having worked with some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs and component suppliers, we understand the importance of delivering value to the automotive industry’s end customers— the passengers. Ranging from IT, embedded systems, and electronics to hardware, mechanical, Digital Engineering and our PLM automotive solutions and services are aimed at providing a complete passenger experience at every part of the value chain.

Key Differentiators

Connected Design

Transportation Engineering partner of choice for global OEMs, Tier 1, and technology companies in the automotive industry

Connected Manufacturing

Experience in program management and multi-supplier integration for large product launches across industries

Connected Products and Services

Over three decades of transportation engineering services experience involving 500+ global customers

Connected Products and Services

Ranked Top Engineering Supplier from India by analyst firms

Connected Products and Services

Over two decades of automotive solutions experience, with strong global automotive experts across product specific domains

Connected Products and Services

Value impact with large engagement partners in manufacturing and systems and a skin-in-the-game approach for strategic customers

Connected Products and Services

Experience in establishing global development centers across the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Romania, Mexico, Brazil, Poland, and China

Connected Products and Services

Track record of delivering excellence in global production programs with simultaneous multi-geo support in automotive and transportation.


Embedded Systems Engineering

Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Matured services in Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Driving, Connected Cars, telematics, instrument clusters, Heads-up Displays, powertrain, HVAC, infotainment, and navigation systems

Engineering Design and Manufacturing

Engineering Design and Mechanical Development
  • Proven track record of developing body/chassis, engine systems, infotainment, value analysis, and value engineering

Hardware Systems Development

Workload Characterization
  • Concept to Manufacturing Experience which includes Architecture Schematic Development, Design Analysis, PCB Design and Service area across ADAS, Battery Management Systems, Infotainment and Interiors system

Process Transformation

Process Transformation
  • New product development processes for integrating software and electronic content

Informed Product Cost Decisions

Informed Product Cost Decisions
  • Systematic cost control opportunities to offset regulation and feature-driven content costs

Autonomous Capabilities

Autonomous Capabilities
  • Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) Product Engineering Experience with entire Product Lifecycle Activities supported. HCLTech’s autonomous driving platform has developed in-house to help accelerate the development journey for our customers and prospects.

Product Testing Services

Interoperability Testing
  • A multitude of testing services available comprising Embedded Software, Application Software, Test Automation, Validation, Product/Device, and Compliance Testing.

Next Generation PLM Strategies

Next Generation PLM strategies
  • Digital thread roadmap for seamlessly connecting engineering and manufacturing to deliver an optimized customer experience.