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Software Product Engineering


The evolving global technology landscape has increased the focus on customer centricity with the emergence of new technology themes and the evolution of software development practices. Organizations have started recognizing software as a key component in bringing innovation across products and services to deliver a superior user experience and bring intelligent products in the market.

In this environment, software engineering companies require more than just another offshore services vendor on a piecemeal basis. They need a strategic software engineering services and product partner who can share and execute, based on the product's long-term strategic vision. At HCLTech, we share the innovation and product strategy vision of our partners. We are fully committed to bolstering innovation while contributing to the right value through product intelligence.

We are a leading software development and product engineering partner to seven of the top ten global software engineering companies and provide high impact services through strategically investing in IPs and infrastructure, revolutionary engagement models, cutting-edge product engineering software, and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. This helps our clients in launching new intelligent products faster and capitalize on market conditions by judiciously leveraging modern technology. We facilitate next-gen software product co-innovation for customers while tapping into our expertise in futuristic technologies such as Cloud, IoT, 5G, AI, ML, AR and VR.

Our software engineering services span the entire software product engineering life cycle from the pre-lifecycle to the maturity, and finally the decline phase. The lifecycle encompasses software product engineering/prototyping as well as re-engineering approaches, resulting in faster time-to-market for software product engineering.


New Product

  • We help clients adapt to rapidly changing technology with our ability to deliver enhanced products, platforms, and services in a differentiated manner. We understand the needs of our customers to monetize their products rapidly and give this top priority.


  • HCLTech has a deep understanding of market needs and uses this knowledge to customize products accordingly. In addition to market needs, we use next-gen technologies for better product customization while considering time-to-market.

Product Quality

  • The insistent demand for raising the bar on product quality comes with a high cost of maintaining it. HCLTech helps clients ensure product quality by introducing variability in test capacity.


Process Transformation
  • Our active product support services offer technical support from L1 to L4 levels and provides sustenance engineering services which invariably extend the product lifecycle and maintains product margin.


  • The need to stay competitive in the market is dire. HCLTech specializes in recognizing outdated technology and platforms and re-engineering them to match market needs.


  • With our migration and porting services, we make sure that our client gets the support required to migrate from old technology or platform to a modern one to cater to the evolving market.

Key Features

Connected Design

Mainframe Academy with a focus on product engineering and core skills like Assembler, Systems Programming

Connected Manufacturing

Experience with multiple mainframes and platforms

Connected Products and Services

Rated #1 outsourcing partner by one of the Leading Japanese Mainframe vendors