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The highly competitive software product engineering service industry continues to witness a move to utility-based software delivery through Software as a Service (SaaS and Web 2.0) technologies. The increasing pace of innovation has shortened software products’ lifecycles. Visionary industry leaders have realized the importance of collaboration to stay competitive and have started building their global engineering product development ecosystems to 'out-innovate' competitors.

In this environment, software engineering companies require more than just another offshore services vendor on a piecemeal basis. They need a strategic software engineering services and products partner who can share and execute, based on the product's long-term strategic vision. At HCL Tech, we share the innovation and product strategy vision of our partners. We are fully committed to bolstering innovation, while contributing the right value through product intelligence.

As a leading offshore software development/software product engineering partner to 7 of the top 10 global software engineering companies, we provide high impact services. Additionally, we invest in IPs and infrastructure, revolutionary engagement models, cutting-edge product engineering software and software as a service (SaaS) solutions.

As a result, clients launch new products faster, ensure unparalleled customer experience, enhance software product engineering lifecycles, and capitalize on market conditions. Our software as a service (SaaS) solutions have allowed organizations to leverage modern technology.

Our services span the entire software product engineering life cycle from the pre-lifecycle phase to the mature phase and finally the decline phase. The lifecycle encompasses software product engineering/prototyping as well as re-engineering approaches, resulting in faster time-to-market for systems engineering software.

Key Features

Unmatched value proposition through SaaS

Our SaaS product engineering and enablement practice offers SaaS consulting and enablement, SaaS product engineering, managed services, hosting and infrastructure management services.

Maximize Web 2.0 Impact

We engineer web products and software engineering services which fully harness the power of Web 2.0 for different businesses including a real estate search website, a travel portal, a leading content portal, geospatial search and mash-ups among others.

On-Demand Test Lab

Our on-demand software testing lab allows ISVs to reduce product testing cycle times and lower capital expenditure.

Global Risk Reward Partnership (GRRP)

The GRRP model helps our partners successfully exploit market conditions to increase their product revenues.

Rapid Product Deployment

Our Active Product Support services offer technical support from L1 to L4 levels and also provides Sustenance Engineering, Bug Fixing, and Product-based Service Extensions like White labeling and SaaS.

Innovation in Software Delivery Models

Outcome based pricing model for 30 to 50% cost reduction.

Software Systems Development

Partnerships that cover the entire software product development lifecycle - Software Product Ideation, Software Product Architecture, Software Product Design, Software Product, Testing and QA, Migration and Porting, Technical Support, Sustaining Engineering, Professional Services

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