Consumer Electronics Engineering Services | HCLTech


The market is undergoing a massive shift that pivots on "consumer experiences" in products. Our experience in software engineering and with leading OEMs enables us to scale traditional Consumer Electronics (CE) technologies to match the evolving ecosystem around products, thereby enhancing the consumer experience. Technologies like AR/VR, AI, NUI, analytics, and Deep Learning-based solutions provide next-generation consumer experiences. Our expertise in mobility, connectivity, device gateways, multimedia, cloud computing, consumer electronics engineering, and analytics ensures consumer experiences "anywhere."

We lead the way with in-depth market knowledge gathered through extensive industry experience. We have a deep understanding of market trends driving consumer behavior, and the ability to leverage technology across verticals such as telecom and ISV, and deep domain expertise in cloud, SaaS, VLSI, and embedded system applications systems engineering. With these strengths, we help ensure our consumer electronic customers meet their business goals.

We have created consumer experiences in verticals, including home, inflight experience, car entertainment, telematics, and personal healthcare. HCLTech’s leadership position in this space (consumer electronics services) has been recognized by leading research firms.

We deliver concept-to-manufacture insights, comprehensive engineering solutions, and enterprise application services. For over forty years, we have been leading providers of electronic engineering services, device & application testing, developer & customer support services, infrastructure management, and product lifecycle solutions. Our solutions e-DAT, Optimus and Noesis have enabled clients to reduce costs by over 30%. We have facilitated seamless integration of transparent models that link service-level agreements to business-level KPIs.



Device engineering

New Product Development, Embedded Software Design, Smart Device Enablement, Connectivity, Contactless Technologies, IoT Device Management

Platform engineering & cloud

Software and Application Development, Native Cloud development, Device to Cloud ecosystem, Micro Services Development, Data Engineering, Sustenance Engineering, Professional Services

Data & ai

Edge AI & Analytics, Model Development & Training, Data Labelling and Annotation Solutions, Embedded AI, Video Analytics, Text & Speech Analytics

Augmented & virtual reality

Ideation & Solutioning, Design and 3D Modelling, Rapid Prototyping, Validation of Digital Reality platforms, XR Device testing, Evaluation and Certification

Hardware & vlsi design

High level design, Schematics, BOM, Layouts, Reverse Engineering, PCB layout, FPGA/ASIC design, Mechanical Design, Verification and Validation, Reliability Services

Product QA

Specialized QA for AR/VR devices, AI/Voice assistant enabled devices. Test plan design, Compatibility and interoperability, Compliance testing, Lab-As-Service, Test automation framework development