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Build Internal- and External-facing Marketplaces with
High-quality Data to Drive Innovation and Revenue

HCLTech helps combine state-of-the-art data marketplaces with custom-tailored data governance practices and tools to empower the organization to seamlessly harness more sources of higher-quality data and augment its internal data to extract more comprehensive and actionable insights.

Meanwhile, for those businesses that have the means to supply data to external consumers, HCLTech provides strategic and technical support to unlock a novel monetization-based revenue stream with exceptional ROI.

Build Internal- and External-facing Marketplaces

Accelerators for High-quality, Easy-to-share Data

Measure and monitor data quality in core systems to help ensure agility, cost-effectiveness and compliance and to promote trust in and engagement with data across the enterprise.


Data platform modernization, data governance and collaboration framework complete with rules repository, cost-of-quality tracking and data quality dashboard. Graviton enables enterprises to measure and monitor data quality in core systems to help ensure agility, cost, efficiency and compliance in collaborative workflows.

Spotter DQV

Data quality monitoring solution for the detection and correction of data quality issues. Uses a standard framework-driven approach for efficiency and leverages advanced ML/DL models for outlier detection, data imputation and variance anomaly.

Related Capabilities

Data exchanges and marketplaces

Implement effective business strategies backed by a robust technological framework to maximize value from shared data.

Data quality and stewardship

Provide the tools, control mechanisms and workflows necessary to optimize data quality and build user trust in data.

Data literacy

Expand and deepen the ability to understand, interpret and communicate data to improve decision-making and innovation.

Data cataloging

Enable complete visibility and ownership of data assets across the enterprise to ensure quality, accessibility and ease of use.

Data mesh

Optimize data asset ownership across business domains to break down silos, improve agility and make better data-driven decisions.

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