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Graviton accelerates data platform modernization and data product delivery using multiple storage technologies and open-source, cloud-native and proprietary components and provides a collaboration workspace, DataOps capabilities and additional data services.

  • Comprehensive framework with customizable prebuilt components for automating the complete data product lifecycle
  • Bundled use cases for all major industries and reference architectures for all major public clouds
  • Seamless collaboration between different stakeholders for data product creation and management
  • Best-in-class components for multi-dimensional data quality, synthetic data generation, differential privacy and unstructured data parsing and more
  • Complete view on the overall costs incurred on a platform and project level

Efficiently build, deploy, monitor and maintain an agile and cost-effective modern data platform.

See how Graviton accelerates your data platform modernization.

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Graviton Benefits

Graviton accelerates the by facilitating the development and delivery of data products and ensures the efficient management of the data product lifecycle from development to production.

This data modernization framework empowers your organization to build, deploy, monitor and maintain agile and cost-efficient data platforms for the most demanding use cases.

Improve productivity

Improve productivity

Save 25-75% time and effort and increase collaboration between data engineering and platform teams to drive data product innovation.

Optimize cost

Optimize cost

Track and analyze cost and resource utilization with end-to-end visibility at the platform, data product and resource levels to collaboratively identify optimization opportunities.

Deploy and customize easily

Deploy and customize easily

Combine hyperscaler capabilities with HCLTech frameworks and niche partner products to fast-track the deployment of a hybrid data platform tailored to your use cases

Get more value from data

Get more value from data

Improve decision-making, customer service and other data-driven processes by constantly monitoring and improving the quality of your data


Graviton Components

Graviton offers a robust set of services to help users across the enterprise do more with data faster, from data platform admins to data engineers, analysts and decision-makers.

Talk to an expert about how Graviton can integrate with your environment and use cases.

Datascope Collaboration Workspace

Role-based data workflows, cloud resource provisioning, data product management, centralized configuration, self-service BI dashboards and more

Xenius Data Services

Synthetic data generation, AI-powered anomaly detection, PII-compliant semantic domain layer on data lake, AI-assisted data labeling for structured content, data publishing to cloud, security audit, masked data containerization and more

Synergizer Platform Observability

Pipeline observability, affected schema tracking, data lineage tracking, alerts management, data governance and DataOps control center

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See how you can fast-track the deployment of a hybrid data platform tailored to your use cases with best-in-class and proprietary components.