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Data Modernization
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The Future Is Data-driven: Modernize and Thrive

At HCLTech, we believe not in reactive responses to technological advancements but rather in being a proactive driver of progress. Unlock the true potential of your data assets through seamless transformation and intelligent data management. Experience enhanced operational efficiency, personalized experiences and a culture of continuous improvement. It's not just an upgrade, it's a revolution beyond bounds.

Empower your organization to harness the full potential of your data.


Reinvent Your Data for Unparalleled Business Performance

Data estate modernization

Data estate modernization

Unlock your data's potential with our automation-driven approach. Seamlessly transition to a cutting-edge, cloud-based solution for transformative results.

Intelligent data management

Intelligent data management

Ensure valuable data with ethical governance, self-healing quality processes, metadata management and automated lifecycle management.

Consumable data products

Consumable data products

Transform data architecture by breaking data monoliths and empowering domain teams with decentralized data ownership using Data Mesh.

Smart Ops

Smart Ops

Optimize data operations by implementing XOps using DataOps, MLOps and BizOps. Enhance operations optimization and improve the efficiency of data management practices.


Transforming Data for the Digital Age: Your Path to Modernization

HCLTech Advantage Migrate

Advantage Migrate offers a seamless data modernization solution, automating testing and reconciliation for a stress-free transition. Effortlessly modernize your data landscape and enhance speed and value with minimal cost and complexity.

HCLTech Meta Wisdom

An advanced enterprise-level knowledge graph goes beyond traditional data management. It empowers logical personas by offering personalized visibility into vast data assets and their associated artifacts, benefiting the entire organization.

HCLTech Advantage Data Mesh

A technology platform-agnostic solution comprised of a pre-built, persona-driven Experience Plane (to enable data product search, lineage and monitoring capabilities), a Developer’s Plane (to enable data product creation and deployment) and an Infrastructure Plane (to provide storage, compute, IM and CI/CD tooling).

HCLTech iONA - DigitalOps Platform

Transforms enterprise operations by bringing in predictive AIOps and a proactive approach to resilient and agile operations. It steps in with a plug-and-play architecture to integrate with the existing toolchain of the customer environment.

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