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The success of a product is dependent on three core factors: business viability, technological feasibility, and end user desirability. All three are critical in delivering a well-designed product that distinguishes itself from the competition. In an era where businesses across industries are going global, ‘one size fits all’ does not work and businesses must personalize their products to meet varying customer needs.

At HCLTech Tech, we take a collaborative and interactive approach to design solutions with cross-domain application, ranging from healthcare to telecom. Our multi-disciplinary approach to design solutions and end-to-end support includes: ideation, conceptualization, prototyping, usability engineering, design strategy and research, marketing communication and learning solutions design.

Our unique business solutions leverage our extensive engineering experience and user-centered design capabilities to help deliver successful products to the market.

What’s more, our team of designers, animators, researchers, and ethnographers are enriched by years of consulting and field experience. Stakeholders, engineers and customers come together in dedicated focus groups to reveal latent user needs. Innovative consumer/industrial design solutions are then constructed to meet the gaps in functionality and usability.

Our design solutions are geared for pragmatic implementations and enhanced end-user interactions. HCLTech Tech design professionals guarantee service consistency, regulatory compliance and fulfilment of industry standards.

Our four stage design process, Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver, is envisioned to streamline the design process and offer incremental value.


Research and strategy

An experienced and specialized team including ethnographic researchers, design researchers and strategists deep dive into user needs and requirements to provide insights and strategies for future product/service design programs. The team users various research methodologies like in-depth interviews, ethnography, fly-on-the-wall observations and focus group discussions to gather insights that can drive innovation.

Industrial design solutions and human factors:

An extremely skilled and experienced design team creates solutions that connect digital and physical user experience and help enhance customer delight. This is achieved through constant collaboration with end users and an iterative design process that involves multiple prototypes and test cycles.

Learning solutions design

Adult learning is one of the most important aspects contributing to organizational discipline, improvement and optimization. Our learning experts understand human phycology and develop learning solution designs that excite, engage and enable users to learn, understand and retain knowledge. We emphasize on visual stimulants, gamification of learning content and an overall human approach to learning, resulting in learning improvements.

Animation and visual communication design

We emphasize on storytelling and use visual mediums to present stories that excite and enthuse users while delivering complex technical information. High-end modeling in Maya and 3DS max, smart usage of lighting and movement to create lifelike visuals in animation and endless hours spent on details help us create accurate depictions of technical processes that help our customers in solving some of their toughest marketing and technical communication challenges.