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Reimagining Product Sustenance

Navigating Product Management Challenges with ISE

Intelligent Sustenance Engineering (ISE) is a powerful AI-enabled solution for intelligent software development and testing. Using Generative and traditional AI, ISE enhances developers’ and test teams’ efforts by bringing in automation across the entire development and testing lifecycle, resulting in faster development, superior product quality and reduced costs. Benefits:

  • Increased team efficiency and productivity
  • Improved quality, adhering to standards and guidelines
  • Faster GTM
  • Improved CSAT
  • Reduced deskilling rate
  • Mitigated impact of attrition

Empowering Your Product Sustenance with Automation and Analytics

ISE augments the efforts of development and testing teams by bringing in automation across the entire product lifecycle, shortening the cycle time, enhancing quality and reducing costs. It uses machine learning and text mining to improve sustenance activities such as source code analysis, defect fixing and test recommendation. Our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing defect resolution systems to enable faster time-to-market.

Localize defects

Identify the starting point for your investigation, while solving issues or defects

Defect clustering

Categorize defects based on the product features that are impacted

Defects analysis

Identify similar/duplicate defects quickly and recommend the best ways to solve them

Test case recommendation

The tool understands your release defect history and suggests an optimized test plan

Test step optimization

Identify redundant test steps across your test case suites and eliminate them

Orphan defects

Identify defects that do not have test scenarios mapped to them

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