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Sports Analytics Platform

Discover Winning Insights for Your Franchise with HCLTech's AI Sports Analytics

HCLTech’s Sports Analytics Platform promotes data-driven decision-making for a comprehensive range of franchise performance-critical processes, from player fitness to ticket pricing.

  • Deploy an actionable single source of truth for maximizing both team and business performance
  • Leverage the latest in GenAI to discover innovative insights and create personalized experiences for internal and external users alike
  • Fully customize and scale the platform to your needs and easily onboard use cases

Gain unprecedented visibility into and control over the processes that help you gain a competitive edge on the field and in business.

See how HCLTech’s Sports Analytics Platform can keep you winning


Sports Analytics Platform Benefits

The Sports Analytics Platform unlocks the full potential of AI-powered data analytics at the highest levels of professional sports.

The platform brings together key metrics in a broad range of use cases and gives you the tools necessary to optimize performance at every turn, using GenAI for powerful augmented analytics and predictive algorithms to help you make more accurate and innovative decisions faster.

Improve player and team performance

Improve player and team performance

Track and analyze every detail that contributes to victory and get AI-assisted recommendations for adjustments to training, scouting, strategy and more

Boost revenue

Boost revenue

Fine-tune your business strategy with AI-augmented analytics to maximize ticket and merchandising sales

Grow your brand

Grow your brand

Create impactful personalized offers and GenAI-enhanced content to increase fan loyalty and engagement


Tailored Solutions for Sports Performance Analytics

HCLTech’s Sports Analytics Platform is highly customizable to meet the needs of the most demanding teams and also comes with built-in use cases designed in collaboration with leading franchises.

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See how HCLTech’s Sports Analytics Platform can help you maximize team and business performance.