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HCLTech is one of the first companies in the private sector to plan for a complete product development environment and invest in EMI/EMC test facilities. It is important to ensure that any type of hardware product development complies with product specifications and regulatory standards. We are the first company to invest in an anechoic chamber for radiated emission and immunity tests. The test facility supports various domains like medical, IT, industrial, aero, and automotive. The same chamber is used to test for acoustic noise as well. Thermal imaging is another such service that helps design engineers locate and fix thermal hot spots in a product.


  • 75+ man years
  • 20+ customers
  • 200+ products tested
  • 30+ standards in scope 
  • Domains supported: aero, auto, industrial, medical, IT, and MIL
  • Top clients: Cisco, Renault, Meggitt, Alstom, GE, Panasonic, and Baxter


  • HCLTech test lab is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited (by NABL)
  • The lab takes part in Inter Lab Comparison (ILC) to ensure equivalence with other ISO/IEC 17025-accredited labs
  • World-class test facility with state-of-the-art test equipment
  • Accredited calibration for test equipment
  • Experienced EMC testing engineers
  • Testing as per international test standards
  • Comprehensive test report
  • Shift operation
  • HCLTech EMC and Durability DAL lab is designated  as CAB ( Conformity assessment body ) by TEC for doing EMC Testing as per TEC/SD/DD/EMC-221/05/OCT-16:


  • Test reports are valid globally as the test lab is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited
  • HCLTech can provide additional services for troubleshooting, debugging, and fixing product failures, thus providing a complete array of services to the customer
  • When in-house tests are not feasible, HCLTech can tie up with partner labs to provide a complete test solution while being a single point of contact for the customer
  • HCLTech has long-standing relations with certifying bodies like TUV and Intertek, and can support with certification activities

Industry Offerings

HCLTech has test facilities to support EMC testing of electronic assemblies for various domains. Most of the iterative tests, such as radiated emission, conducted emission, and ESD, can be carried out. This helps in testing and debugging the product, and this type of iterative testing is not provided by many labs. In addition, HCLTech can carry out acoustic noise measurement for products that have acoustic noise requirements, typically medical and IT products. Thermal imaging is a facility that captures the spatial thermal profile of a product and displays it as a color-coded image. This is a useful tool in locating hot spots and identifying heat dissipation issues. In a nutshell, the spread of EMC testing facilities ensures that various aspects of a product can be tested at a single facility.

Domain Tests feasible Applicable standard
Aero Radiated Emission, Conducted Emission, Power Input, ESD (Electro Static Discharge) DO160
Auto Radiated Emission, Conducted Emission, Bulk Current Injection, Conducted Transient Emission, ESD  CISPR 25
Military Radiated Emission, Conducted Emission MIL 461E
IT Acoustic Noise Measurement ISO 7779
Various Thermal Imaging N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

Qns : What standard is followed for acoustic noise measurement?
Ans : ISO 7779 for pre compliance.

Qns : What is the anechoic chamber used for?
Ans : The anechoic chamber is used for radiative tests like radiated emission and radiated immunity.

Qns : What type of products can be tested in the chamber?
Ans : Different types of products from various domains like aero, auto, medical, IT, and MIL can be tested. We have tested printers, industrial equipment, medical equipment, infotainment equipment, aero control units, and many others in our lab.

Qns : How can you determine if your product can be tested in our facility?
Ans : Test feasibility depends on a number of factors such as product domain, test specification, product dimensions and weight, and power requirements. You need to send us the product details with the test specifications. We will study your requirements and confirm the feasibility.

Qns : Do you have to be present at our lab during the EMC testing?
Ans : It is not mandatory. It depends on how complicated it is to operate the product and verify its performance.

Qns : What standards does HCLTech lab follow?
Ans : We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 which is an international standard applicable to test laboratories. This means that our test reports are globally valid.

Qns : Where is the test lab located?
Ans : We are located in Chennai, India. Our address is:
          EMC and Durability Lab,
          73-74 South Phase Road,
          Ambattur Industrial Estate,
          Ambattur, Chennai 600058,
          Tamil Nadu,

Qns : Who are our customers?
Ans : Our list of customers includes the who’s who of various domains. Some of our customers are General Electric, Renault, Baxter, Panasonic, and Airtel.

Qns : If your product fails the test, can HCLTech help you debug and fix the issue?
Ans : HCLTech can provide complete end-to-end service. We can certainly provide this service on a chargeable basis.

Qns : How soon can you get test slots for your product?
Ans : Generally, we ask customers to inform us about two-three weeks in advance.

Qns : How can you be sure that information related to your product will remain confidential?
Ans : We are very serious about ensuring confidentiality. We do not share any customer or product-related information with other organizations. We can also sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you. You can be assured that any information shared with us by you will be kept confidential and will be solely used for testing your product.