Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE)

Transform Your Products with HCLTech’s VAVE Expertise

In today's manufacturing landscape, HCLTech's VAVE excels with:

  • Strategic cost optimization: Identify high-cost areas for enhanced profitability
  • Interdisciplinary problem-solving: Faster time-to-market, rapid technology adoption
  • Certified expertise: Backed by certified value and cost engineers
  • Comprehensive Center of Excellence: Unparalleled support for VAVE, teardown, benchmarking and cost engineering

Embark on a transformative journey with HCLTech's VAVE services, ensuring streamlined processes, thriving products and optimized costs.

Transform Your Products with HCLTech’s VAVE Expertise

Benefit from Our Advanced VAVE Offerings

Value engineering

Apply function-based analysis techniques during product development to enhance value.

Teardown analysis

Systematic product analysis identifies cost drivers using customer-specific and our global teardown and benchmarking labs.

Cost analysis

Utilize a robust Should Costing framework with a Global Cost database and predefined cost modeling templates.

Value analysis

Implement a framework-based approach for product cost improvement through idea generation and engineering changes.

Product benchmarking

Structured technique for optimal product definition by comparing cost, features and performance with similar products.

Product portfolio analysis

Identify products with high potential for subsequent Value Analysis and Value Engineering activities.

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