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Powering Tomorrow’s Innovations with Our VLSI Excellence

With over 25 years of pioneering presence in VLSI design, HCLTech stands as a leading strategic partner to top chip manufacturers and design foundries globally. Our analog, digital and mixed signal designs navigate the intricate path from 'Concept to Chip,' addressing the evolving complexity of solutions and advanced technology nodes.

With the advent of newer technologies, and driven by dynamic market needs, we deliver future-ready solutions, allowing clients to focus on future innovations while we manage derivative designs. Equipped with extensive domain knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, our engineers ensure seamless VLSI industry integration.



Tailored VLSI Solutions for Seamless Innovation and Performance Excellence

Explore our comprehensive VLSI solutions from turnkey designs to robust physical implementations. Leverage ASIC and FPGA expertise, rigorous design verification, advanced emulation, FPGA prototyping and meticulous silicon validation. Elevate your semiconductor journey with precision and innovation.

Turnkey solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions for reduced turnaround time (TAT) at improved quality levels with our in-depth knowledge and vast experience in handling complex ASIC / FPGA / SoC /Chiplet designs with our proven and well-established analog, digital and mixed signal design methodologies and processes.

Silicon validation

We have expertise across chip, interface, performance and functional aspects to detect complex functional or manufacturing defects. Our test factory model approach for silicon validation enables customers to save 40% to 50% of validation costs over 4 years. We have unique, reusable tools developed in-house, including post silicon validation framework, silicon validation labs and silicon qualification labs.

ASIC and FPGA design

Realizing IC designs involving architecture design, system modelling, RTL coding, developing full-functional FPGA prototypes, verification, synthesis, test vector generation and minimization, simulation and back-end support.

Emulation and FGPA prototyping

We have a comprehensive line of rapid FPGA based prototyping and emulating complex IC designs to develop first pass silicon. Extensive experience in industry standard platforms such as Zebu, Palladium, Veloce, HAPS, COTS FPGA and custom FPGA prototyping platforms. We have unique, reusable tools developed in-house, including Verifast framework and Zebu accelerator platform.

Design verification

We offer analog / digital / mixed-signal verification, ASIC / FPGA / SoC verification, IP level verification and third-party module verification across various design complexities/programming languages/methodologies and industrial verticals, with experience across all formal methodologies.


VLSI Engineering Excellence

Unleash innovation from concept to realization across FPGA, ASIC and SOC development by leveraging our expertise spanning design verification, emulation and rapid prototyping.

Firmware mastery

Elevate your firmware game with comprehensive solutions—bootloader, BSP, device drivers, OS and platform porting, RTOS proficiency and compatibility with Linux, Windows and more. Harness the power of LabView and test stand for optimal performance.

Cutting-edge test labs

Step into a realm of advanced testing capabilities, including the ATMP lab for comprehensive testing, high-speed validation, environmental assessments and meticulous evaluations of EMI/EMC and antenna performance.

End-to-end design expertise

Explore end-to-end design services, from concept ideation to architectural brilliance. We specialize in high-speed board design, thorough design analysis and simulation-driven innovation for optimal outcomes.

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