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Join us at Aviation Week Network’s Digital Transformation Summit 2023

HCLTech Is a Platinum Sponsor at Aviation Week Network’s Digital Transformation Summit 2023.

One of the key Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry events in the Americas, this year's Digital Transformation Summit will be held at Embassy Suites in Seattle on October 3 and 4. The event —which will drive A&D leadership and business engagement across Aerospace, Defense and commercial aviation OEMs, suppliers and operators —was designed with the understanding that change management and effective leadership are as important as technology in driving change through Industry 4.0.

In addition to our Platinum Sponsorship, we are excited to announce that HCLTech will host an important session in which our industry experts will share insights on technology disruptions in A&D. We hope to see you there.

Key Session at Digital Transformation Summit

10:20 AM EDT | Embassy Suites, Seattle October 3-4

Transparency in Data Sharing and Relieving Supply Chain Disruptions

Join this thought-provoking session to gain deeper insights into how enabling data sharing across the supply chain is the key to creating transparency and better predicting supply chain issues. How can this be achieved efficiently between partners while protecting critical information? How can we bridge the growing gap between OEM and Tier 1 capabilities and smaller organizations?

The session will reveal the specific barriers to entry into Industry 4.0 for grassroots organizations, as well as how to overcome those barriers to ensure that the digital thread is far-reaching.

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Roy T. Davis

AVP and A&D Industry Principal, HCLTech

Alexandra Zofia Landegger

Executive Director and CISO, Collins Aerospace

Derek Baggerly

CEO, SupplyOn USA

Robert Rencher

Systems Engineer, The Boeing Company

Emmeram Morning

President, Robot Morning

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