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Join us at Cyber Initiative Tokyo 2023, as HCLTech takes center stage, presenting two decades of cybersecurity excellence and innovation. The event will have leading experts from diverse fields discussing crucial topics for realizing a sustainable digital society, impacting both management and business operations.

About HCLTech Cybersecurity

HCLTech cybersecurity provides a solid digital foundation for global enterprises. We offer 360º security services, spanning transformation and integration services, managed services and strategic consulting to navigate the evolving threat landscape. The goal is to help customers maintain a dynamic posture. Our dynamic cybersecurity framework of governance and continual assessment helps organizations continuously adapt and evolve their security postures.

We help you counter risks as well as rethink and re-engineer your enterprise security. With over 25 years of mature security practice, HCLTech brings a team of 6,500+ cybersecurity professionals through 50+ global delivery centers. Our impact resonates in 600+ active client engagements across diverse industries. With a proven framework that blends cutting-edge technologies with a human-centric approach, HCLTech is the reliable partner of choice for global enterprises.

Speaking Session

4:05-4:35 PM JST December 8 Hybrid

Creating a Strong Digital Foundation with Dynamic Cybersecurity

In this session, we will explore comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for a digital enterprise, drawing insights from customer success stories in ANZ, Japan, Europe and North America. Join us to learn how to fortify your enterprise's cybersecurity program and create a resilient digital foundation to enable business growth with confidence.

Discover the strategies and solutions that will empower you to adapt and evolve in the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape, ensuring a dynamic cybersecurity posture.

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Yukio Takagi
Yukio Takagi

Director, Cybersecurity
Consulting Services, HCLTech

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