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Go Beyond World Tour 2024


We will be attending BeyondTrust's Go Beyond World Tour 2024 at three premier locations, including Napa, Sydney and London.

Go Beyond is BeyondTrust's annual partner and customer conference, which gives an excellent opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge on technology trends, industry challenges and the evolving business landscape.

Meet our experts to learn how HCLTech and BeyondTrust's partnership addresses complex identity-related problems for our customers globally. Our leadership will be delivering Keynote sessions at all three locations.

Learn more about the world tour here.

Keynote Sessions

Navigating the Future with Identity-First Security

April 4, 2024 Meritage Resort and Spa

Napa, California

Prashant Mascarenhas
Prashant Mascarenhas

Global Head of Solutions,
Cybersecurity, HCLTech

April 11, 2024 Hilton

Sydney, Australia

Rajinder Rathor
Rajinder Rathor

Cybersecurity Solutions Head,

April 23, 2024 Convene 22 Bishopgate

London, UK

John Waters
John Waters

IAM Solutions Head, Europe,
Cybersecurity, HCLTech