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Efficiency Engineering

Crafting Innovative Insurance Operations

Today’s customers expect seamless, convenient and accessible digital experiences from their insurance providers. For businesses, this involves driving operational efficiency and cost reduction through industry-recognized services, frameworks and automation, enabling insurers to self-fund transformation.

HCLTech provides point solutions as well as end-to-end business transformation offerings to enable the optimization of current models while enabling new models. Our offerings address initiatives around data, architecture, experience and intelligent automation that deliver significantly differentiated and superior value for a carrier, distributor and customer, typified by reduced turnaround time and cost, improved personalization, optimized pricing, risk assessment and increased opportunities

Crafting Innovative Insurance Operations

Streamlining Operations and Driving Cost Reduction

Explore our closed book administration and insurance operations solutions to experience the power of AI and automation for enhanced competence and cost reduction.

Why Us

Why HCLTech for Closed Book Administration and Insurance Operations?

Our closed book administration and insurance operations solutions for the offer vast expertise and capabilities. With over two decades of experience, we have developed deep domain knowledge and functional skills to deliver excellence across IT and operations within the insurance business portfolio.

We help financial services firms across the insurance value chain with tailored point solutions to empower their journeys.

Reduced cost

End-to-end capability

Delivering service excellence with deep domain expertise

Better collaboration

Automation solutions

AI-led accelerators and tools to drive efficient operations

Enhanced security

Budget friendly

~50% cost savings, 45% productivity gains, 40%+ faster product rollout

 Seamless integration

Partner ecosystem

Accelerate your efficiency engineering journey by 2X

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