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IDC TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT - Unlocking and Expanding the Potential of Industry 4.0 ‘

Manufacturers are focused on establishing a digital thread across their organization, connecting IT and OT systems to provide a unified view of data and knowledge on products, assets, processes, and customers. Industry 4.0 is the core OT framework, enabling rapid execution and production, into which multiple systems need to integrate. This includes supply chain management (SCM) for optimized delivery; enterprise resource planning (ERP) for materials, costing, and demand information; and product life-cycle management (PLM) to manage innovation and change. The result is a foundational, closed-loop platform that enables faster response to market changes and demand, speed to market, flexibility, production agility, high levels of product and process quality, and accurate decision support

IDC recommends that manufacturers consider service providers such as HCL as a partner to support the organizational, process, and technical changes and evolution that need to occur. This paper highlights how HCL’s Xpand 4.0 framework enables development of a blueprint for transformation, build the enterprise connect, enable the collaboration, optimize operations and foster sustainable value creation for varied stakeholders.

HCL's domain competencies cover product, factory, supply chain, and ecosystem use cases and focus on the transformation of customers' business landscapes, helping customers adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), blockchain, edge analytics, industrial IoT (IIoT), IT/OT integration, plant cybersecurity, sensor integration, and cloud for both centralized and distributed enterprise and manufacturing intelligence

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