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HCLTech Smart Material Tracking is an advanced IoT-based track and trace solution designed to meet diverse industry needs. It’s a crucial part of Industry NeXT’s framework to enable connected experiences and resilient operations.

SMT is highly scalable and enables automated inventory management within facilities. The solution boosts efficiency and agility in manufacturing and supply chain operations and fosters a collaborative ecosystem.

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Enables zone wise traceability of materials between different areas in large manufacturing facilities.

Facilitates operators to find and locate assets increasing operational efficiency.

Prioritizes movement of materials reducing the risk of product wastage or expiration.

Reduces the need of manual counting, eliminating errors for accuracy and control.

Seamless integration to customer’s existing ERPs and other third-party systems.

Visual representation of key metrics, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Key Benefits

With a strong focus on materials management and resource optimization, SMT empowers data-driven decisions with streamlined real-time asset tracking and cost reduction.


Lesser time consumed to locate assets with easy search and locate functionalities


Enhancement in inventory accuracy by minimizing discrepancies in unaccounted inventory volumes


Reduction in cost of capital with a consolidated view of available inventory


Reduction in wastage with enhanced material utilization through FEFO/FIFO


Improvement in cycle count time with real-time visibility and traceability


Improvement in production capacity by ensuring timely availability of right materials, avoiding delays

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