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With deep expertise in industry-driven solutions, HCL facilitates a unified view of industry-wide operations which improves operational efficiency transforming user experience leading to smart, secure and scalable next generation digital workplace solutions. This helps enterprises across industries globally transform the future of work.


HCL Plant WorkBlaze is an industry-led smart solution framework that provides a unified platform to create a seamless, secure, and efficient end-to-end architecture by strategically merging “people, process, and technology," the key pillars of transformation. It is a digital convergence center enabling centralized management of IT and OT ecosystems complemented by HCL's additional support frameworks and capabilities.


HCL’s digital workplace solutions framework for retail organizations increases speed to market and improves customer engagement through efficient management of customer-facing and backend operations.

Lifesciences & Healthcare

A cloud-based dynamic case management solution for the lifesciences and healthcare industry:

  • Support collaboration with healthcare professionals with therapeutic areas of expertise
  • Ensure data security for protected health Information
  • Automated interaction solution trained via supporting 1mn+ life sciences professionals.
Financial Services

HCL’s portfolio of next-generation workplace services is specifically curated to cater to the diverse requirements of financial organizations. The offerings have been designed with security, compliance, mobility, and cloud adoption as key pillars of the digital transformation of organizations.