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Manufacturers across the world, in their quest to remain competitive, are outsourcing a bulk of work to low-cost production countries and are also building efficiencies in processes that are extremely critical to be outsourced to third parties. Medical device manufacturers also face their set of operational and IT challenges.

Offshore IT vendors have been predominantly concentrating on R&D and sales/marketing and precious little has been done to improve the manufacturing and distribution operations of the industry. Our manufacturing IT services can help manufacturers develop solutions and IPs / frameworks specific to the life sciences industry covering all aspects of the manufacturing cycle.




Faced with a competitive market and dynamic user expectations, medical instrument manufacturers are grappling with an array of operational and IT challenges. HCLTech’s IT offerings for the manufacturing sector include comprehensive solutions that blend consulting services and delivery capabilities under one roof. Our portfolio comprises solutions such as PAT and ELM – engineered to address industry specific challenges.

Factory Solutions

Factory solutions

Consistent expansion and high-volume operations are compelling firms to migrate a significant amount of work to offshore centers. HCLTech’s all-inclusive solutions ensure regulatory compliance across various geographies. We also assist clients in selection, implementation, customization, and maintenance of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Additionally, our dedicated team of tech-experts help unravel the potential of portable appliance testing (PAT) – via consultation, deployment, and integration.

Embedded software

Embedded software

HCLTech’s IT services help engineer key solutions and IPs/frameworks for medical device manufacturers. Our deep domain insights cover all aspects of the manufacturing cycle to enhance operations across the life sciences industry. HCLTech also excels in architecting embedded software and systems for medical devices companies. Moreover, we leverage our robust technical expertise and skilled workforce to build safety-critical embedded systems for medical devices.

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Product lifecycle management

HCLTech’s PLM solutions and services enable medical device companies to structure and analyze diverse data sets associated with product development complexities. The information is then organized in a single, unified repository. Our proprietary PLM frameworks and processes simplify phased delivery and deployment – enhancing transparency at every stage. Global medical device firms have gained sustained transformational benefits via HCLTech’s PLM services.