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HCLTech MVision Nucleus is built to help empower manufacturing customers to benefit from unprecedented levels of digital adoption for scaling effectively, implementing manufacturing transformation, and becoming data-driven organizations. By leveraging accelerated services across various technologies and solutions, MVision Nucleus helps customers align to Industry 4.0 adoption. HCLTech MVision Nucleus, through our automation, AR/VR, and other smart solutions, including IT/OT integration and UX/UI services, is a game-changer for manufacturing customers aiming to transform their traditional landscapes.

Smart supply chain

Our smart supply chain solutions help manufacturing clients achieve greater collaboration among stakeholders and boost service levels across the value chain by focusing on the following operations:

Track and trace (inventory, assets, and products)
Predictive supply-chain execution/optimization
Optimized warehouse operations

Smart experiences

We apply the human factors design model to address manufacturing clients’ experiences and enhance digital engagement. We bring in insights and ingenuity to respond to challenges across all business functions.

Context-based digital/mobile engagement technologies
Industrial design and visual communication
NLP and bots-based AI/ML-driven interactions

Smart workforce

We help our clients enable a digital workforce, so that they can achieve higher productivity and better resource optimization using the below innovative technologies:

AR-based digital productivity tools
Worker safety/smart wearables
Human-machine interface

Smart products

We enable a product-centric ecosystem that opens opportunities to create new operational models through designing and developing better products through our smart products portfolio. The smart product offerings are listed below:

Digital retrofits
Digital twins/thread
Edge analytics

Smart services

We help our manufacturing clients create new business models (product services) through our smart services portfolio by enabling their end consumers with better productivity and efficient resolutions. The service offerings are listed below:

New service enablement and monetization
Connected services (devices/products in the field)
Service life cycle management

Smart manufacturing

Our smart manufacturing is designed to bring increased industrial automation, bridge physical and digital environments (IT-OT), deliver digital-enabled business services through advanced analytics, and adapt to evolving technology trends with a high emphasis on security. Some of our smart offerings include:

Manufacturing operation management
Manufacturing automation
Manufacturing intelligence
Industrial cybersecurity
Predictive asset management
Biz/IT/OT integration
3D printing