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The MSE Program has been exclusively designed for candidates keen to explore a career in Information Technology. The four-week program culminates in a full-time employment opportunity with HCLTech that includes:

  • Technology foundation training
  • Access to industry-leading IT certification courses
  • Real world application through on-the-job learning
  • Opportunities for rapid growth in fields like Software Engineering and Data Engineering

Reasons to join HCLTech

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From IT and digital to engineering and beyond, find your dream opportunity

Why choose HCLTech

At HCLTech we are committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion and connectedness. We are able to grow and learn better together with a diverse team of employees.

As an equal opportunity employer, we stay true to our mission by ensuring that our place can be anyone’s place.

Employee-Centric Culture

The culture at HCLTech – ideapreneurship™ as we call it – places employees at the forefront of innovation and value creation. It is based on the fundamental belief of inverting the organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling and empowering the employees. It is our employees who make HCLTech an engine of growth and innovation. We are committed to help them succeed in an inclusive, diverse and employee-friendly culture.

Outstanding Employer in the State

by the Governor of North Carolina

Excellence in Education Award

for developing local human resources

Socially Responsible

We're deeply committed to driving societal change in the communities in which we operate through active engagement with civic organizations and charitable institutions benefiting the lives of thousands.

We go beyond sponsorships with United Way. Our employees have been engaged with multiple initiatives of United Way like providing helping hand in building a house for under-privileged or help in making a farm for poultry. During the recent pandemic, we worked closely with United Way in their efforts for community response and relief fund.
HCLTech runs various blood drive initiatives at its campuses where the Red cross Bus equipped with Blood drawing service camps all day. Hundreds of our employees sign up for the blood donation each time.
HCLTech employees have been participating with Habitat for Humanity for volunteering and building small houses for underprivledged.
HCLTech has been partnering with Music4Hope, who bring hope through the healing sounds of music into the lives of children and their families experiencing life threatening diseases.
We engage with Rise Against Hunger and it gets supported by our customer organizations as well. Employees participates and engages in making meal bags to be shipped around the world. Whatever number of packets employee creates, they donate it to the organization with an equal price match by HCLTech.
We joined hands with Estée Lauder Companies to raise the level of breast cancer awareness. We aim to spread wellness, inclusivity, and unity in diversity through various sessions and activities.
We have partnered with organizations like Npower, that creates pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for military veterans and young adults from underserved communities. In today's economy, over 50% of all jobs require some degree of technology and digital skill, and this is expected to grow to 77% by 2020 in the U.S and we must collaborate to help bridge this gap.
HCLTech supported Gates Foundation Philanthropy efforts to help with the COVID-19 relief fund and to fight this pandemic because of the great danger it presents to so many people. One of the advantages of foundation grants is the ability to deliver fast and flexible funding to help countries and organizations take rapid action and fill resource gaps.
Many of us do not realize food-insecure households are likely more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. This is believed to be due to lesser access to adequate health care, lower resistance or compromised immune systems, stigma or bias, or lack of information about proper prevention and care. HCLTech joined hands with Feeding America when the pandemic hit United States and helped raise awareness and funding for this noble cause.
CDC has been at the forefront of the Pandemic Crisis and Response Management. It has been our honor to collaborate with CDC Foundation and to contribute to their goals of trying to limit human-to-human transmission, minimize the impact of COVID-19 in vulnerable countries with limited preparedness capacity, and to reduce specific threats.
HCLTech partnered with the University of California, Berkeley to build a health technology collaborative laboratory. Dubbed as CoLab, the facility will be housed in the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University’s campus and will try to address the need of timely access to telemedicine and telesurgery in the backdrop of the global pandemic.
HCLTech contributes to The STEM for Her Mission of promoting education to create awareness, excitement, and opportunities among girls and young women to launch successful STEM-related careers.
HCLTech is a member with The Valuable 500 – a global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda. Its in line with our commitment for inclusion.
HCLTech has been an active contributor to the mission of Girls Who Code , and supports their mission to close the gender gap in tech in K-12 classrooms.
Technology Innovation

It is core to our DNA to try things differently and constantly innovate using new age cutting edge technologies – be it starting a new business, exploring a new market, inventing solutions no one thought of before or taking a risk with a new business model. We mentor new talent for this spirit of innovation and encourage experimentation and collaboration to empower our employees with the freedom and tools to innovate.

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Are you a Recent Graduate or looking to start your first IT Career, Join HCL’s Rise at HCL’s Software Engineering Career. An opportunity to Learn, Develop your Skills and Grow along various roles.

We work as true partners, both with our employees and our clients, embodying our value: Ideapreneurship and Relationship Beyond the Contract. Our team is driven by a desire to always learn, improve and innovate. We take an open-minded approach to opportunities and challenges and are focused on solving business challenges. We deliver programs and projects to exceed stakeholder expectations

Be part of a team that could contribute specialized technology areas such as requirements/specifications definition, analysis, assessment, planning, design, development, integration, testing, installation, performance tuning, deployment and/or maintenance of an application or a platform or an embedded software product.

Contribute in upgrading or maintain, sustain or enhance quality of the software application, platform or product. We encourage ideapreneurship and based on individual’s interest and ability to take up varying challenges like participating in incubation of a new service/ solution/ product /or, application.

Begin your first career as Software Engineer or Digital Systems Analyst, with potential to grow in the career to higher roles such as Software Development Engineer (In Test), Project/ Technical Lead, Project/Technical Manager, , Technical Architect and more either at a module, subsystem, system, application, solution/product or project level.

  • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.
  • Write design documents and participate in design reviews.
  • Setup environment and participate in testing/ trouble shooting existing software issues and implement as per the change management process and bug fixes.
  • Optimize developed systems for performance and reliability.
  • Develop functions, scripts, stored procedures and triggers to support application development.
  • Use applicable methodologies, modeling/estimating techniques, tools, applications, systems, software and/or databases to perform assigned tasks.

Technologies: Java | .Net | Python | Automation Testing | Softwarization | 5G | Embedded Software / C++ / Digital Systems - SAP

Locations: Frisco & San Antonio, TX | Cary, NC | Horsham, PA | Hartford, CT | Troy, MI | Cincinnati, OH

Graduation Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering or other STEM Majors like Math & Science.

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In a well Connected world through people, devices and systems, Data is a common element, which comes in all forms & shapes at various speeds. Data modernization journey to a Hybrid or Multi cloud is key to convert data into insights & drive innovations faster. Enterprises are looking for ‘No code’ based AI/ML to create data scientists & democratize the access of data & insights to everyone in the organization.

At HCL we acknowledge the need & importance of Data and have created a very focused group to drive Data Engineering & AI. We have jointly built along with our customers, petabyte scale Modern Data platforms in various clouds(Azure/AWS/GCP), built & deployed variety of AI/ML models including Computer vision models in edge devices like digital cameras to machines running in shop floor. In order to accelerate our customers journey of Data Modernization we have built innovative solutions like Graviton – Connected Data platform , AION - Homegrown Auto ML & Data science platform, Anomaly detection platform, AI enabled Data Genie 2.0 which helps in generation of Production grade Synthetic data and many more innovative frameworks.

Would you like to be part of this exciting journey of HCL’s Data Engineering & AI ? What we offer is not just a job but a wholesome career. People starting their journey as an Entry Level Data Engineer can follow the career path of Data Engineering, Data Analysis or Data science and could steadily build their career as Technical Architects, Solution Architects, a Chief Data scientist or head the overall practice. We enable all our Entry Level Graduates with an exciting Data Engineering & AI pathways program covering 9 yards of Data Engineering, Governance, Cloud, BigData & Data science powered by Hands on labs followed by a real-world case study implementation.

  • As a Data Engineer, opportunity to Design, Build, Test & Deploy Data pipelines which facilitate data acquisition & processing of data from a variety of source systems.
  • Work either in Data Moderation and Migration, Data Marketplace and Governance, Data Operations, Ai Services or maintain & sustain the software products or even part of a new product introduction activities based on the individual’s ability to scale and take up the varying challenges.
  • Work in technologies like Data engineering along with various programming languages like Spark, Scala, Java, Python, HDFS etc., private/hybrid and public cloud such as Google/Azure/AWS, CloudOps and Cloud Automation, Data Modeling Frameworks, Contribute in HCL’s accelerators/solutions to enable business solutions such as Next Ai Labs, iDORAN, Data Genie etc.
  • Career Trajectory: Begin learning as a Data Engineer and opportunity to grow to higher levels such as Architect or Lead at System or Product or Project Level.

Locations: Frisco & San Antonio, TX | Troy, MI

Graduation Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science, Math, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Systems or Information Technology.

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At HCL, creativity and innovation take wing as we engineer next-gen customer experiences. Mechanical engineering team at HCL is at the core of product engineering helping our customers realize the product right from Industrial design to Product realization. Our team of mechanical engineers have helped Fortune 500 industries in the following areas;

  • Aerospace companies design complex landing gear to some advanced avionic products
  • Consumer Electronics and Appliances industries in realizing some of the most advanced Hollywood Cameras to Connected appliances and kitchens
  • Medical device companies to launch first of its kind product into market which requires PMA submission to FDA
  • Industrial customers in design and development of complex oil and gas systems to advanced HVAC systems
  • Automotive customers on design changes and alternate supply base identification to improve costs

If you have a passion in any of the above areas, HCL welcomes you for an exciting Entry Level Career opportunity. You will be provided opportunity to work on New Product Development, Product Sustenance, Complex CAE solutions, Reliability, Manufacturing Engineering, Cost Engineering & VA-VE.

  • As a Mechanical Engineer, opportunity to explore and choose among a range of opportunities in the design, development, testing and implementation of several products, but not limited to –
    • Design Engineering of Products
    • Development and qualification of Manufacturing Processes
    • Development and validation of test Methods and Equipment
    • Creation and documentation of Engineering Studies to meet regulatory requirements
    • Engineering Change Management and Implementation
    • Development of Product and Process Risk Management Reports
    • Supplier development and qualification
  • Be a key contributor to HCL’s center of excellence and solutions development and deployment team.
  • Opportunity to learn domain skills with associated regulatory standards
  • Use technologies like 3D Printing, Polymer Processing along with various CAD tools (like Unigraphics NX, SolidWorks, PTC CREO etc.,), CAE Tools (like ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN ) and Statistical Analysis and Tolerance Stack up tools (like MinTAB, CEETOL, VISVSA and more).

Potential Career Trajectories:

  1. Designer -> Junior Design Engineer -> Senior Design Engineer -> Mechanical Lead -> From here, you can either chose a project/program manager role or Technical Manager role
  2. Manufacturing Engineer -> Senior Manufacturing Engineer -> Manufacturing Lead -> From here, you can either chose a project/program manager role or Technical Manager role
  3. Junior CAE analyst -> Senior CAE analyst -> CAE Lead -> Consultant -> Senior Consultant
  4. Supply Chain engineer -> Senior supply chain engineer -> Supply Chain Lead -> Consultant-SCM -> Senior Consultant-SCM

Locations: Cincinnati, OH | Troy, MI

Graduation Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering

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Cloud computing is a disruptive technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses work, whether it is with public or private cloud services. Our approach towards cloud computing, which is of great strategic interest for us, is centered on building and delivering competency and a domain-based set of service delivery models. Our cloud services have several layers, including Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Automation and cloud technologies are core components of any business transformation project. HCL’s digital-ready IT infrastructure services are optimized to adapt to the unpredictable needs of enterprises for the digital age while simultaneously delivering business value and outcomes.

We welcome Early Graduates to begin their First Career with HCL’s Cloud Services. An opportunity to be part of one or more Services such as Hybrid Cloud Services, Next Gen Network Services, Cloud Native Services, Service Integration & Management, Application Operations and many more. Greater learning opportunities in one or more of pathways such as Cloud Azure, Cloud AWS or Cloud GCP.

Begin as a Cloud Administrator to steadily build your career trajectory, vertically to a Cloud Architect or explore opportunity to grow horizontally expanding the horizon to other technologies.

As a Cloud Administrator, you would learn and perform following responsibilities.

  • Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud fundamentals and configuration.
  • Managing Identity and Access permission to Cloud environment
  • Cloud Network Setup via VPN or Direct Connect
  • Manage cloud subscription and profiles
  • Operating System provisioning and Storage configuration
  • User access and roles creation and management
  • Create custom scripts to automate support processes
  • Manage maintenance plans, backup, restore
  • Analyze information and evaluate results to choose the best solution to effectively solve problems.
  • Interact cross-functionally with a wide variety of people and teams.
  • Conduct end-to-end analysis from processing data, building models, and running experiments, to making recommendations and presenting results.
  • Work with large, complex data sets on open ended problems using analytical methods.
  • Work closely with engineers to identify opportunities for and assess improvements to Organization products.

Early Career Pathways: Cloud AWS | Cloud Azure | Google Cloud Platform

Locations:  Frisco, TX | Cary, NC

Graduation Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or Information Systems.

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In the dynamic technology landscape, organizations must take a proactive stance for the safeguarding of resources. Enterprises require to protect information as well as prevent the cause of data breaches and hence a need to adopt a holistic defense strategy with a strong cyber security framework at its core. At HCL, we firmly believe that IT security services must be constantly reviewed and upgraded so that they stay relevant. HCL’s end-to-end IT infrastructure security solutions predict and prevent new threats without disrupting the core business.

HCL has over two decades of experience in the cyber security services space. In addition to mitigating threats and ensuring data integrity, our solutions imparts agility to the enterprise. HCL Cyber Security GRC services portfolio integrates business context intelligence, threat data, and cyber security insights. This is achieved with the support of a team of specialized researchers, highly skilled consultants, and certified security experts that empowers enterprises to anticipate cyber-attacks, respond to threats, recover faster from a security incident and improve overall security posture.

We welcome Early Graduates to begin their First Career as Cybersecurity SOC (Security Operations Center) Operator to be part of this Skilled Team.

Begin your career at Cybersecurity Operations Center to build a steady career trajectory to Security Hunter & Responder, Security Manager, Operation Lead, SME, Service Manager or Solution Architect.

As a Cybersecurity SOC Operator, you would learn and perform following responsibilities.

  • Alert Management:

    Monitor & analyze real-time cybersecurity events/alerts through various tools. Monitor & Report SIEM/SOAR Platform Health & Performance. Detect & Qualify alerts of interest as incidents.

  • Incident Management:

    Handle incidents by following incident management process. Assist with Log Collection & Root Cause Analysis. Adhere to the incident response and resolution service levels.

  • Environment Awareness:

    Knowledge on the high-level architecture, data flow and the layers of defense. Understand the preventive controls of the cybersecurity products and technologies. Be aware of Who’s who and the escalation & notification workflow.

  • Experience Center Engagement:

    Represent HCL Cybersecurity and interact with the visitors during site visits. Collaborate with other cybersecurity centers to ensure seamless handover and support.

  • Organizational Compliance:

    Adhere to HCL / Customer regulatory & compliance requirements. Ensure all the trainings & courses are completed on time.

  • Knowledge Management:

    Maintain & improve the documentation (Runbooks, Playbooks & Procedures).

Pathways: Endpoint Security | Network Security | Identity & Access Management | Perimeter Security | Security Incident Response & Threat hunting | Vulnerability & Penetration Management | Internet of Things

Locations: Frisco, TX

Graduation Requirements: Bachelor’s or Associates Degree in Cyber Security, Computer Science, Information Technology or Networking.

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Are you a recent graduate from Business Studies or Business Administration Major, HCL welcomes you to begin your career as a Project Manager Analyst with multiple opportunities to grow.

As a PMO Analyst, you would learn and perform following responsibilities.

  • Part of team which manages the Project Life cycle on a turnkey basis with full accountability per PMI Standards.
  • Engage with a diverse set of stakeholders to address their needs and program level milestones.
  • Contribute and implement project management best practices.
  • Provide project management reporting and communication (written and oral) to client and internal stakeholders with the help of Microsoft and project management tools.
  • Track project schedule, drive dependencies and track project level task through PMI-based project management and/or Agile project management methodologies.
  • Monitor the progress of project/program contractual deliverables.
  • Support larger project team to track and report project/program scope, effort estimation, project budget, quality tollgates, and risk & quality metrics of given project. (Basic Level)
  • Track contractual and project milestones and billing on project deliverables.
  • Create points of view and project-level analysis through secondary research and data detailing.
  • Work on projects across the world to elicit, translate, and simplify business requirements.

Locations: Cary, NC | Horsham, PA

Graduation Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Business Studies, Computer Science or Information Technology.

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