Podcast 8: How VMware Cloud on AWS is generating a Synergistic Effect for Enterprise customers

The Evolving Enterprise IT landscape and business operating model of the modern-day cloud is compelling enterprises to adopt a blended approach and consistent platform, bringing the best of both worlds, i.e., on-premises and public cloud. The integrated cloud offering—VMware Cloud on AWS—allows businesses to run their application workloads across VMware-based hybrid cloud environments, extending optimized access to the comprehensive native AWS services. To embrace the pace of innovation, HCL Hybrid Cloud Services helps customers in crafting a migration strategy and making cloud adoption and the transformation journey a seamless experience.

In this episode, Deeksha Sehgal, Manager, Hybrid Cloud at HCL Technologies, answers questions that help in gaining comprehensive insights around the VMware Cloud on AWS offering and how HCL Hybrid Cloud Services helps customers fast-track their digital transformation journey.

Questions being answered:

  1. What leads to the invention of VMware Cloud on AWS
  2. What exclusively is being offered by VMware Cloud on AWS
  3. What is the role of HCL being a trusted SI partner

Listen to this podcast by HCL Technologies' Hybrid Cloud services, where industry experts, analysts, and veterans help listeners identify, understand, and prepare for the upcoming technologies and trends amid remote working and social distancing.

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