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HCLFoundation and Tamil Nadu Police double down on their partnership to empower children living in urban slums

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Published Date
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CHENNAI, India, Aug. 24, 2023 - HCLFoundation, which delivers the corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda of HCLTech in India, and Tamil Nadu Police have extended their successful partnership to empower children living in urban slums.

The collaborative effort, which began in 2011, has been extended till 2026. The initiative seeks to bring about a positive impact in children residing in urban slums across the Avadi, Chennai and Tambaram Commissionerates through the Police Boys & Girls Club, addressing critical societal challenges and fostering sustainable development for marginalized communities.

The ambitious project will be implemented across 29 slum communities, benefiting 25,000 children residing in the North and South Chennai areas. This initiative aims to offer a holistic platform for disadvantaged children, providing them with a nurturing environment. The initiative’s key focus areas include after-school and digital education, support services, sports, health, environment, scouts and guides and advocacy for child rights.

Children inhabiting these urban enclaves encounter unique psychosocial challenges, compounded by the intrinsic hurdles of childhood and adolescence. Research shows that concentrated poverty within neighborhoods substantially restricts opportunities for social interaction, access to positive role models and essential resources such as quality education, healthcare facilities, parks and playgrounds – all crucial components for fostering robust child development.

Shri Sandeep Rai Rathore, Commissioner of Police, Greater Chennai City, Shri K. Shankar, Commissioner of Police, Avadi, Shri A. Amalraj, Commissioner of Police, Tambaram and Dr Nidhi Pundhir, Vice President, Global CSR, HCLFoundation were present on the occasion of the extension the Memorandum of Understanding between Tamil Nadu Police and HCLTech.MoU.

“We believe in creating an impact that resonates far beyond the present, and by providing a holistic platform for these disadvantaged children, we are nurturing the seeds of transformation that will eventually flourish into a brighter future,” said Dr. Nidhi Pundhir, Vice President, Global CSR, HCLFoundation. “HCLFoundation remains steadfast in its commitment to rehabilitating child laborers, street children, women, and youth from Chennai's slums through community-centric activities.”

“We are very happy to be signing this MoU and renewing the partnership with HCLFoundation which has blossomed over the years. The number of clubs adopted has increased and the commendable achievements of the boys and girls is visible,” said Shri K. Shankar, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Avadi.

“These clubs have become a model for community development and encourage children to lead crime free life. We will work towards expanding it to more areas”, said Dr. A. Amalraj, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Tambaram City Police.

“We are extremely happy to renew this MoU to continue work with 20 Police Girls and Boys Club in Chennai city and hope to add more activities as well as clubs through this partnership with HCLFoundation,” said Shri. Sandeep Rai Rathore, IPS, DGP / Commissioner of Police Greater Chennai Police.

About HCLFoundation

HCLFoundation delivers the corporate social responsibility agenda of HCLTech in India. The Foundation contributes to national and international development goals by investing in long-term sustainable programs and special initiatives with thematic focus on education, nurturing grassroots sports, health and sanitation, skill development and livelihood, environment and disaster risk reduction and response management. To ensure equitable development, child protective strategies, inclusion and gender transformative approaches are at the core of all the programs of the Foundation. Till date, the HCLFoundation has positively impacted over 5.5 million lives. To learn more visit www.hclfoundation.org

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