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HCLTech Becomes a Platinum Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Published Date
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NEW YORK, New York and NOIDA, India, April 19, 2023 – HCLTech, a leading global technology company, announced the deepening of its relationship with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) by becoming a Platinum Member of the foundation. As a long-time supporter of CNCF as a Gold Member, HCLTech has experienced how the membership of the CNCF helps support the evolution of the Cloud Native community and has accelerated the development of products and solutions. HCLTech’s Platinum Membership will enable HCLTech to support the market success of the broad selection of CNCF projects and technologies.

The HCLTech Cloud Native Labs showcase how CNCF projects can accelerate the modernization of large enterprise solutions. HCLTech actively supports CNCF projects within these Labs and has extensive experience guiding the implementation of projects across a large global client base. As a market leader in cloud-enabled transformation, HCLTech has hosted over 1,000 client engagements in the Cloud Native Labs that introduce enterprises to adopting CNCF OSS projects.

“As a long-time sponsor of CNCF, we have seen how membership helps us support the evolution of the Cloud Native community and establish Opensource at the heart of this journey. HCLTech’s Cloud Native Labs has led the industry in helping clients adopt CNCF projects and technologies. Moving up to Platinum will help support the market success of CNCF projects and technologies and, importantly, help reflect the interests of our global clients. We are bringing focus to CNCF projects that are becoming popular enablers of modern transformation programs,” said Alan Flower, Executive Vice president and Head, Cloud Native Labs, HCLTech.

“HCLTech has demonstrated an impressive commitment to Kubernetes and cloud native technology since joining CNCF in 2020,” said Priyanka Sharma, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We’re thrilled the company is reinforcing its investment in the ecosystem, and we look forward to working together toward making cloud native ubiquitous.”

HCLTech’s CloudSMART is a suite of offerings, capabilities and platforms enabling clients to build agile businesses by optimizing cloud as a business platform.

With a global workforce of over 220,000 technologists and innovators, HCLTech works in production environments that run Kubernetes and other CNCF technologies daily. In addition, HCLSoftware is one of the world’s largest software companies and has an extensive portfolio of successful products, all of which operate on Kubernetes.

The CNCF showcase in HCLTech Cloud Native Labs (Dallas, TX; London, UK; Delhi, India) will continue to be the venue the global clients engage in, guiding their own transformation journeys based on CNCF projects. These Labs guide the consumption of CNCF projects within Enterprise, Telco Cloud and Edge environments across an extensive selection of industry domains.

For more information, visit https://www.cncf.io/announcements/2023/04/19/cloud-native-computing-foundation-welcomes-hlctechs-upgrade-to-platinum-membership-with-a-seat-on-the-governing-board/

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