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Common Questions about the HCLTech Apprentice Program


The Rise at HCLTech Apprentieship Program is designed to provide early-career entry into the technology industry. The aim of the apprenticeship is to:

  • Provide people with a way of gaining qualifications to enter the industry before they have obtained a four-year degree.
  • Assist individuals in acquiring skills and knowledge that will help them gain workplace qualifications faster.
  • Provide employers with an innovative way of growing the next generation of skilled staff.
  • Develop the careers of those new to the tech industry in order to maintain the skilled workforce the country needs for the future.

The length of an apprenticeship program depends on the complexity of the occupation and the type of program. The majority of apprenticeships at HCLTech are 12 months in length and is divided into three stages.

  • Stage One is an intensive bootcamp-style classroom training focused on the foundational knowledge needed for any role is the tech industry (up to 12 weeks)
  • Stage Two is role-specific training where apprentices receive training and mentorship align to the required knowledge and skills needed specifically for their assigned role (up to 12 weeks)
  • Stage Three is on-the-job training where apprentices will be performing their assigned role with support from technical experts and mentors to refine and enhance their skills (6-8 months)

HCLTech prefers candidates who demonstrate maturity and a sense of responsibility, are high school graduates (or equivalent), and have the applicable aptitude (critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, etc.) required to perform on the job. And most importantly – have a desire and willingness to learn!

The apprenticeship is for any individual who believes they could thrive in a meaningful applied-learning environment. The minimum requirements are:

  • A high school diploma, GED, or equivalent certificate of competency.
  • A minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 (unweighted)
  • US Citizenship or lawful permanent residency (Green Card holder)

In addition to these minimum requirements, individuals are eligible to apply if they have:

  • College certificate/diploma in a STEM field
  • Technical bootcamp certificate
  • Associate degree in any discipline
  • Bachelors degree in a non-STEM field

Candidates with a Bachelors degree in a STEM field may be eligible to apply for entry-level positions. Individuals with a graduate-level degree are not eligible for the apprenticeship program.

All apprentice training is onsite, in-person for Stage One. Once the apprentice transitions to Stage Two and Stage Three (role-specific training followed by on-the-job training) of the program, it will be up to their reporting manager if the particular phase is required to be onsite or remote.

Actual working hours are determined by your role and line of business to which you are assigned, but hours are typically aligned with a 40-hour week with regular business hours.

What apprentices say they enjoy most about being an apprentice is:

  • Getting paid while they learn!
  • The qualifications through work experience rather than exams
  • The work environment and the variety of work experiences
  • The opportunity to find out what they are good at and do it
  • The opportunity to earn their college degree, potentially at no cost to them while building their long-term career
  • The great start to their careers
  • Feeling valued and appreciated in the world of work
  • The support from good line managers and mentor

Apprentices gain work experience and they grow in maturity and confidence accelerated by being part of an adult working environment. As a result, they find they have developed a competitive advantage over those of equivalent age who have only academic qualifications.

HCLTech is interviewing multiple candidates for our upcoming cohorts. Just like any other hiring process, applicants should bring their A-game!