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The existing enterprise software and equipment automation solutions do not effectively engage, leverage, and optimize the field workforce for maximum performance.

As the workplaces are upgrading through technology disruptions, and digital transformation efforts, there is a clear need for re-skilling, upskilling, and cross-skilling of industrial workforces to help them prepare for the future of work. Whether it is task-based insights, equipment assessment, or performance evaluation, the industrial workforce has been facing an impending digital skill gap that can prevent the best workplace technologies from realizing the business benefits.

A digital workplace transformation for the industries cannot be complete without understanding and augmenting the digital dexterity of the industrial workforce.


HCLTech’ Smart Industrial Assistant (SIA) is transforming the future of work for the frontline industrial workforce by delivering actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile. This empowers technicians to have conversations with machines on error codes, maintenance procedures, service bulletins, and past performance.

How it works

By applying innovative Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to the centralized and edge data streams, the SIA provides real-time, context-driven guidance, and insights to end-user mobile/wearable devices/Microsoft Teams/any enterprise system.

Centralized data

The automated pipeline extracts structured and unstructured technical and domain data from industrial datastores.

  • Enterprise systems data
  • Enriched data & analytics
  • Service and support data
How it works
Edge data

Live data from IoT and edge-based devices are integrated into our data-flow framework

  • Connected Sensor Feeds
  • Field Service Data
  • Discrete User Data


Last-mile analytics

Better decisions about the last tactical mile

Extract, fuse, and correlate structured and unstructured enterprise data. Most large industrial data environments contain a wide variety of disparate and disconnected data sources, including non-standard data sources that have hand-written notes, scanned PDFs, service bulletins, operation manuals, peer notes, and live equipment sensor data feeds. The SIA insight engine’s unique application of ML and NLP techniques derives actionable intelligence from enterprise datastores.

AI-enabled work instructions

Better decisions on the last tactical mile

An advanced virtual assistant that delivers AI-enabled work orders, task guidance, safety alerts, and contextual insights to industrial workers in real time. It understands a user’s location and role, as well as equipment status, to define and deliver intelligent guidance through an intuitive conversational interface on a mobile, wearable device or Microsoft Teams. It is uniquely designed for the on-the-job requirements of technical personnel operating, repairing, and maintaining complex equipment.


New operational insights

Increase employee productivity and equipment uptime through enterprise intelligence on the front lines

Human-centric digital tools

Increase employee engagement while decreasing technical support escalations

Enhanced decision-making

Real-time intelligence on the last tactical mile increases productivity and empowers ‘first-time right’ performance

Skilled workforce development

On-the-job upskilling, accelerating time to proficiency, and improving digital literacy

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