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Redefining Instore Experience Through Data-Driven Transformation

An American chain of more than 850 convenience stores and gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States embarked on an aggressive growth plan with the objective of enhancing the instore experience of its retail stores to offer customer delight and amplify revenue generation opportunities through upsell and cross-sell tactics. The strategic roadmap to realize this transformation included programs such as building new age master data management (MDM) capabilities and creating a 360o view of products and customers. However, they were facing a number of challenges such as unavailability of the single source of truth for making business decisions and absence of accurate, quality data at the right time.

HCLTech partnered with the client to undertake a significant data and analytics transformation with a focus on availability, usability and integrity of enterprise data. It resulted in over 25% increase in revenue generation through upsell and cross-sell tactics and 3X faster remediation of issues through decentralized decision making. Download the case study to know more.