Data is the new oil. Data can help manufacturers in improving quality, reducing cost, increasing productivity, reducing time-to-market, improving traceability, extending collaboration, augmenting visibility, enabling predictive maintenance, increasing revenue and changing the business model. For capturing these benefits, manufacturers need operational, qualified data from design, production, and products in use, with context. To continue the oil analogy, data needs to be refined and piped to stakeholders as and when they need it.

Manufacturers need to connect to their design suppliers, manufacturing suppliers, and services partners for constant data exchange. In the B2B space, manufacturers need to connect with their customers also. The more external entities comprise the ecosystem, the more complexity is added to the implementation of the digital thread -- each organization has its own data semantics, applications, and so on, which may or may not talk to each other.

Manufacturers need a digital platform solution, which can be customized and implemented in a step-by-step way with a clear ROI. This kind of digital platform can help manufacturers navigate digital thread implementation challenges.

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