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HCL Technologies

Server & Storage Automation

Server & Storage Automation

Accurate delivery, process augmentation, and complete automation of customer frameworks were critical milestones on a leading tech firm’s journey. Since 2004, HCL has helped the memory and semiconductor company achieve its business vision providing- HW,FW development, FPGA development, support for TCG security, NAND flash controller design &verification, SSD development & validation and support to NVMe automation and enterprise policy manager.

HCL with its extensive experience in latest NAND technology, an all flash experience, is well equipped. HCL has dedicated CoE’s across technologies, that provide leadership, best practices, research, support and training for focus areas.

We apply our Professional Services and Technical Engineering expertise in pivotal technologies. Building on our engineering DNA and relationships with top engineering organizations in the world, we at HCL are uniquely positioned to collaborate with our customers on their evolving journey as a 21st Century Enterprise.

HCL’s Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) division leads the engineering service provider (ESP) industry with a wide range of customer-centric, agile and efficient solutions for a 21st century enterprise. It is the largest ESP from India and third largest globally with over 40 years of comprehensive engineering experience. A focussed approach in Automation engineering significantly differentiates HCL ERS services.