HCL team demonstrated an unflinching sense of ownership and commitment to meet end-customer commitments for a large European networking and telecommunications multinational while handling the lockdown situation during COVID-19 pandemic. HCL team has been at the forefront to deliver value in terms of improvements, automation or value-added features to the customers which they can monetize quickly. The team adhered to the customer’s monthly release cycle by implementing the Business Continuity Plan proactively and effectively. The leadership ensured smooth Work from Home (WFH) and productivity management through effective communication and by following the best practices for enabling digital workplace for 100% of the team. A strong communication and business continuity plan were already in place as early as second week of March 2020. Not only was the entire team enabled with the necessary hardware support to work from home during the lockdown, physical dependencies in oce/ lab hardware were also managed well with the necessary human intervention on need basis. Designing an effective business continuity plan required cooperative planning and execution between various cross-functional teams like IT, Admin, product owners, and an unwavering support and guidance from the leadership.

 At the organization level, HCL provides a 24 x 7 COVID-19 Helpline and ensures to cascade all the necessary support for employee safety and remote working. Regular updates on WFH governance and directions from senior management also come handy while working remotely. Read more to know how the team ensured seamless operations to enable development and maintenance of the client’s wireless products amidst the ongoing pandemic.