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Better Investment Decisions Through Project Management

Automotive Financial Services Company Turbocharges Project Investments with Clarity PPM SaaS

To help its customers finance vehicle purchases, this company provides finance, leasing and insurance solutions via B2B, B2C and B2B2C channels. The company’s consistent growth and success are underpinned by its commitment to quality products and customer support, enabled by a strong emphasis on collaboration and market-leading innovation.

Business Challenge

Minimizing the risks of investing in the wrong business initiatives was a daily concern for the company’s PMO since ineffective investments could waste time and money, disappoint customers, and damage the company’s bottom line for years to come. As a result, delivering the change portfolio effectively is a key objective for the PMO. This means delivering the right mix of projects better, faster, and cheaper. Having high-quality data to drive business decisions and a high level of governance are paramount to achieving this goal.


Enterprise Studio (formerly CA Services and Education) partnered with the company for the solution build and training. The Services team and the PMO defined project scope, and Services demonstrated how to implement Clarity PPM SaaS with minimal changes, configuring rather than customizing it. At just three months, it was the fastest and smoothest implementation the PMO has seen, and they readily admit it wouldn’t have been possible without Services’ best practices and its close collaboration with the PMO.


By providing transparency into individual projects and group portfolios and tracking project risks, costs, resources and dependencies, Clarity PPM SaaS turbocharged the company’s ability to make decisions that have a positive effect on its customers and the company’s growth and bottom line. There has been a fundamental shift in how the PMO team is viewed by business leaders, because the PMO delivers greater value by aligning its projects to market needs and the company’s strategy. Better visibility and governance have reduced business risk, maximized resource utilization and improved project execution, helping the company remain fast, agile and efficient. The PMO will build on its success by providing tailored business unit reporting and integrating Clarity PPM SaaS into the company’s general ledger.

“Having this level of insight is transformational.”

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