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HCL – Dex One relationship

HCL – Dex One relationship

Dex One is a leading US-based marketing services company. Dex One’s 1,500 dedicated marketing consultants work with about 435,000 local businesses to create customized marketing programs to reach their customers. Dex One has a wide range of products and services that help local businesses grow. This includes online and mobile-based search solutions, print yellow pages directories and voice-based search platforms. Its in-house marketing solutions include Dex-published yellow pages directories, which are co-branded with other leading brands in the industry, an internet yellow pages site ‘Dex’ and a mobile application ‘Dex Mobile’.

The digital age has changed the business models for a lot of industries, with traditional media being hardest hit. Print and Publishing was rapidly transforming. The decline in the use of print directories, increased competition - particularly from online companies - and a drop in ad sales due to weak economic conditions have made “digitization” the only lifeline for any company in this industry. And Dex One being a print only company, realized the need to transform into a digital marketing company.

Such a transformation was not easy. It required extensive collaboration from a multiple partners, and especially the technology partner, with spends being pulled out of the IT budget. HCL utilized its ALT ASM™ proposition to proactively decrease our RTB revenues from Dex One thereby unlocking capital to be invested in its digital transformation.

The HCL- Dex One partnership has been successful due to the strong relationship between the two companies. For Dex One, this has provided revenue growth, significant cost reduction, and internal investment in new digital offerings. And most importantly, it has helped the company survive in a rapidly changing industry.