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The HCL and Microsoft Mobile Oy Story: IT Operations Fit for the 3rd Platform

The HCL and Microsoft Mobile Oy Story: IT Operations Fit for the 3rd Platform

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In response to the changing IT climate and the need for IT to be more relevant to its business, Microsoft Mobile Oy decided it needed a leaner, more transparent, more agile IT department that could deliver consistent services across the globe — and it needed it quickly. This case study examines the journey Microsoft Mobile Oy took to modernize its IT operations through an infrastructure outsourcing engagement with HCL. HCL took control of Microsoft Mobile Oy's infrastructure, transitioning the entire IT operations from the incumbent providers and in-house IT operations.

A few key points:

  • The benefits that good cultural fit and strong customer service credentials can provide in a successful outsourcing arrangement and the importance of the vendor-customer relationship.
  • Why transparency and attitude are just as important as the ability to deliver for a successful infrastructure transformation.
  • How aggressive targets can be met with the right level of commitment. To successfully meet the aggressive financial goals of this engagement, the transition and transformation needed to be complete within six months.
  • The potential benefits that can be gained from a radical transformation of IT infrastructure.