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HCL Technologies

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for Life Sciences ITO Service Providers

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for Life Sciences ITO Service Providers

HCL has been rated as a STAR performer for the 2nd time in a row within the leader category in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix for Life Sciences ITO. 

The Everest Group report analyzes the capabilities of eighteen leading ITO service providers as they relate to the global life sciences sector, mapping each on its Performance, Experience, Ability and Knowledge (PEAK) Matrix™, a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to providers’ capabilities and market success across two key dimensions. The report measures market success by the number, scale and growth of large life sciences ITO contracts, and ranks delivery capabilities by scale of operations, scope, enabling domain investments and delivery footprint. The Group then classifies providers into Leaders, Major Contenders, and Emerging Players. 

The report marks HCL’s distinguishing features of the 2013 market success and capability advancements as follows :

  1. HCL’s Life Sciences ITO revenue has grown over 20% on a significant base.
  2. Over 40 active life sciences ITO clients with a global footprint
  3. Sizable uptick in IO services revenue to complement prowess in the life sciences AO space
  4. Added over 1000 Life Sciences ITO resources in 2013

The report states that “HCL has built a significant revenue stream from IO services in existing lifesciences engagements, to top up its already prominent presence in the AO space, enabling significant growth on a sizable revenue base”.